Eye Confusions

My thoughts as I took these pictures

I tend to believe what I see. In eye I trust. In brain I trust. My interpretation I trust. It’s a natural default without thinking about it. I have just exposed a weakness towards the reality of the real truth, have I not? I only believe what I see in my frame, just like my camera. What may be missing is a whole lot of unseen context outside my frame.

I could really concoct some stories out of this picture. I won’t of course. It’s a piece of exoskeleton found near a known UFO sighting, It was even on the news (that’s a hint it’s believable). Um, we found this secret cave when we were lost. Before we could scoop up what looked like diamonds on the floor of a deep shaft lit by my cell phone, we heard bear sounds and got out of there. We have never been able to find it again. I admit it was quite a traumatic dream and I can’t figure out how this picture got on my cell phone?? (It will be in my next book).

Would you believe that electromagnetic currents around the earths surface can be detected by satellite? Side note: I didn’t know either. This a simulation picture of it as hacking in to the feed would be discouraged (wink).

De Ja Vou. I think I saw this when I was 6 years old. My brother found a horse shoe, wound up and threw it. It landed on my head. That’s it! this is what I saw!!

I found the gold! See, Pictures!

I contemplate how little it takes to help people believe partial truths and outright lies. I think often how much our life’s framework, relationships and emotional disposition makes our decisions for us rather than seeking the truth in it’s entirety. Lies always have a blanket over them or made in the shadows. The eyes and ears have been tricked starting with Adam and Eve. It feels like the whole world is askew these days.

I even have a picture of me in deep contemplation!

Yep deep thoughts going on!!

Confessions: None of my picture explanations are true by the way. I stuck the camera over the edge of the boat in six feet of crystal clear Lake Superior water and took a lot of shots. Between the sun glinting, water ripples gathering little light shafts and seeing the bottom through refracted light in the waves, this is how the pictures turned out. Sorry, no gold.

 “The Lord knows the thoughts of man that they are futile. Blessed is the man You discipline, O LORD, and teach from Your law”…Psalm 94:11

“I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.” Jeremiah 17:10

How about we know Jesus and thus know truth. He is the author of all that exists (Colossians 1:16-20) “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but through me” (Jesus) John 14:6

Another Truth: Everybody knows that trees grow straight up!!

This makes me think there is hope for everyone of us. Ever feel like this tree? Look up!


I had an aunt who believed everything. one day Uncle and aunt drove in the yard and saw her brothers car. The backend was lifted and the nose down like a street rod back in the day. She said “honey, why is my brothers car so high in the back and low in the front?” Uncle answered “Your brother wants to get better gas mileage because this way it’s always going down hill!”. Auntie, bless her gullible heart, shook her head in wonder and said “Wow, isn’t that something!”

18 thoughts on “Eye Confusions

  1. Hi Gary, yes it is scary where most of us can assume or believe without questioning, at times, and I’m pretty sure that we’ve all been hoodwinked, at one time or another. And as you have indicated, there always appears to be some degree of plausibility, that makes the observation sound or look reasonable. The earth being flat, comes to mind. I ran into another one a few weeks ago, where false conclusions were being derived, by some, by not understanding how an online search engine, which is basically a huge database, actually functions. And then of course, we have deliberate manipulation, where key elements are overlooked, in order to present a conclusion that is basically a falsehood. There is a super abundance of those going around these days. The rationale that our physical senses present to our “limited” minds can often be misleading, if the “bigger” picture is not seen or seriously taken into consideration. There are miracles of life happening all around us that most of us never see. What is equally amazing is how little we really know. One day, God tells us, we shall know, as we are currently known by Him . The word “gobsmacked” comes to mind. Blessings brother. Love in Christ – Bruce

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  2. “I contemplate how little it takes to help people believe partial truths and outright lies. I think often how much our life’s framework, relationships and emotional disposition makes our decisions for us rather than seeking the truth in it’s entirety.” Your words reminded me of Paul’s words in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11. Some years back, my life group did a book study of Chuck Colson & Nancy Pearcy’s book called “Total Truth.” The one thing that stuck with me was Nancy’s story about how she taught her young son to use “baloney detector” when evaluating the messages of books, movies, etc. I know my “baloney detector” needs to be calibrated each day by time spend in the Word. As always your pictures are amazing and spark the imagination.

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  3. I think so many things can get distorted when we look only through the lens of our way of seeing a situation…especially, when someone else is looking from a completely different angle. Perspective is everything. There are times when I have been deeply hurt by another’s actions. I simply cannot understand it. Oftentimes, if I mull it over, I ‘see’ that they are reacting as they do based upon the ‘framework’ of their own lives. We are not even looking at the same thing!!! When I try to step into their ‘frame’, and look out, the world is vastly different…(A camera can teach us much about life…what is real, and what is not. ) In regards to our faith, it reminds us to keep the focus on Jesus and His way of ‘seeing’. It takes great patience and skill and the ability to keep learning new things. Slowly, our lens becomes more focused, and our vision all that much clearer.

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  4. Thanks for your insightful comment Linda. It’s so true. One’s framework explains a lot when there are such differences. There is quite a oneness in “mature” followers of Jesus who keep growing their relationship with Christ.

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    1. What a day that will be Robert.
      Great Porch. I wish it was mine. I spent last week on Madlyn Island by Bayfield and did a lot of Island hopping with a boat. But, One day was all mine on the porch and the dock.

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  5. Thanks David. I’m quite sure you knew where I was going with those pictures. I was so amazed at the light show in the water. Yes, If we all reflected God’s light it would be quite a show…each one unique yet like Christ.
    I guess I could have made puns. Line in the sand, bottom line. a rocky start, ya…


  6. We do live in an age where partial truths are highly valued and the whole truth purported as narrow minded. Especially Biblical truths. Even science bends a knee to politics and neighbor against neighbor is becoming normal. Backwards is forward???


  7. I have to admit to a gullible streak myself. My husband has said he’s going to write a book about me someday called, Gullible’s Travels. That being said, I did NOT fall for your exoskeleton/gold explanations for those water ripples. I guessed right away what the photo really included. I’m so proud of myself. As for your observation that people seem willing to accept lies (based on “life’s framework, relationships and emotional disposition”) without much seeking for truth, I totally agree. My prayer for such folks is holy curiosity that compels them in God’s direction.

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    1. I’m glad you got it Nancy. My made up stories were kind of “out there”.
      I like your husbands title although no one should know (it’s about you).
      We do need a movement of “Holy Curiosity” That could be a better book title I’m thinking.

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