Context: Cut A Hole In The Wall

What great lengths are you willing to take to live the life for which you were created?

Cut a hole in the wall, frame openings and put windows in your life. Get a big window, not a peep hole. Know what’s happening outside your space. Next: open the window and throw any insulting parrot voices out and close the window (Not your spouse or kids, but perhaps your television).

Build a deck to sit on and watch the world in it’s context, go by. Meditate on the words of Jesus because they have the substance of life. The words of God give us the context wherein (and within) we were created to live, wherever we happen to reside, in whatever circumstance we find ourselves.

Take walks in nature. It’s as close to God’s garden as we can get, understanding that nature is not God but it’s a great place to meet and talk with him. There are overt hints of God’s character, creativity and lessons of life and insight to gain from God’s creation. Take a peek at some of my nature and deck views this autumn. This is often my physical context. Sometimes God’s context for me is seen through the camera window framed.

All nature is in context with God’s word

Click on any picture for a slide show and to enlarge smaller pictures. I tried some catchy captions which will appear at the bottom of each picture. You might come up with better ones.

These were my thoughts as I spotted a deer peeking at me through a hole in the woods (header picture). All of nature is in the moment. No matter the season or food source or conditions, life is moment by moment. As the leaves fall outside, I am reminded that my life is like a vapor that appears and then disappears (the big context James 4:14). In the moment I want to be in context of God’s words to me through Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”

I want to live in God’s context. On the deck, at home, driving down the road, in the grocery store, talking with the neighbors and in anything I may post or read online. The life and words of Christ in me is the context which begs me to cut a hole in the wall. His love within me compels me to view the world as needing his love.


ps: I posted some pictures for free download on my unsplash site here

15 thoughts on “Context: Cut A Hole In The Wall

  1. “All of nature is in the moment.” Amen and how I wish I was more like this. Beautiful pictures of God’s creation, beautiful self-reflections. You are a wise man, Gary. As I sit here melancholy not running to God’s Word, your post has stirred me to meditate on what really matters. Thank you!

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  2. You and I both Mandy. I am a dreamer of what could and should be rather than being the person God wants me to be moment by moment. My camera often reminds me that I miss so many moments, way more important than missing a good picture, I am glad this connected in some way with you, knowing how much you love nature and the Lord.

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  3. Hi Gary, thank you for sharing your uplifting post and your pictures are truly beautiful. You’re one of those guys who stops me from what I am doing and says, “Coop, look over here!” I don’t get out in the woods much anymore but you remind me of the beauty and tranquility that still resides within this fallen world. And I need to be reminded of that because it matters, and it testifies of God’s overwhelming grace. Walking in God’s creation is a perspective changer, where self importance has to stand down, in awe. And you help us see what you see Gary, and we are indebted to you for that. Keep dreaming and sharing and asking me to look. Love in Christ – Bruce

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    1. Thanks Brian. I think I fixed the problem on the pictures converting to a slide show. At least it seems to work on my computer when I start from scratch. I’ll try my daughters. If anything can go wrong her computer will let me know.
      Family seems to be all healing up. I’m starting a small cabin in the woods project off the saw mill for visitors. It’s been a dream. I’ll make it bear-proof.
      your post this morning was spot on!


  4. I’m just now getting caught up with my reading, Gary. Saw this when you published but it was a busy week and I did not respond. I love how you always call your readers back to God’s creation–the great outdoors. It’s amazing how much healing there can be in a walk through the woods! I love your nature photos–all of them. I was about to spin up another haiku last night from your Lake Superior shots. I am publishing it on my poetry blog today. Have a blessed, and restful, Sunday!

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    1. Thanks David. We were designed to live in the garden. May we always find ways to find Gods healing wonder and presence while staying the course of the narrow path. Looking forward to your poetry.


  5. Love those pictures, Gary.
    We just got back from spending the summer in northern Michigan, and it’s amazing how so much of the natural beauty there remains. The trees and deer and squirrels don’t seem to be bothered by anything that’s going on in the world today that stresses us people out. When I’m out there walking my dog and praying, my mind and heart take a deep breath and I feel as if I’ve been taken out of a dark valley up to the mountain (or sand dune 😉 ) where Jesus is. I often think of the verse from Habakkuk, “He makes my feet like hind’s feet and sets me on the high places.” ❤
    I have a feeling you know what I mean.

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  6. This was an amazing post! I love the photographs, but I also love the message. We sometimes have a way of boxing ourselves in and forgetting that we are able to create more windows. God is all about letting the light shine in, and the more windows, the better!

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  7. Thanks Linda, yep, I love light. Im actually taking some contrast photographs for a visual backup for a blog on another “light” perspective.. I so agree on windows.
    My wife says everyone can tell if I am home…all the lights are on.

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