Puzzling Strays

I was perplexed. I had an immediate immature thought last week when I looked up the statistics on my free share photos posted. nine months ago. My thought? “wow, I wish I had a dollar apiece for each photo downloaded and a kick-back per click on advertising. The numbers? 597,911 views and 2979 downloads (proud moment here). The next few thoughts along with the first though needed to be hunted down and interrogated because they were just as immature. I realized my pictures would need 200 views before anyone would download one (humbling self abased moment).

Here I am, thinking that life is about me. I know better than that, in my head. I guess not all the stray thoughts stayed in the fence and they roam about and feel free to brush against me and I become familiar with the foul scent not realizing the infected aroma lingers and grows. Selfishness thinks of self first, always. sigh…

I had posted some pictures to share with the world on Unsplash.com from the urging of a few bloggers, namely Ted Martins (Thanks Ted), and have added a few here and there. I’m up to 57 photos that anyone can download for free to use on their blog, make Christmas cards, crop and use for their purposes. I’m a giving person, I thought.

I have taken the time to take a walk, have a talk, get right and stay tight. I have rounded up some stray thoughts and offered them to the Lord and posted some more of my photos for the world to use as they will. For now.

I recognize that stray thoughts happen. My fence probably needs more mending then I am aware of. It’s ongoing and not a once a year roundup like the old west cattle days. I am encouraged and wish to encourage you as well to be on the alert for those puzzling strays, not just the obvious ones. If I wait till others start pointing them out, I have a bigger problem than I thought and I smell quite bad to those around me.

May God align our thoughts, thinking patterns, our words and actions with His thoughts permeating His word to us, daily.

“casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,” 2 Corinthians 10:5

Cleaning ones self is hard.


PS: I would be honored should you find one of my photos useable for your purposes. Unsplash has literally 300,000 people contributing photos for free download. I do not need a tip through the paypal option (seriously). Use key words to find what you are looking for. I can be found using unsplash.com/@garyfultz

20 thoughts on “Puzzling Strays

  1. Thanks Ted. It’s probably a big deal to be in good enough shape spiritually to at least become aware of one’s shortcomings. I would prefer not to be so good at being proud.


  2. Thanks for speaking up for us all, Gary. I trust Him when He says He who began this work in us will be faithful to complete it. While we are awake or asleep, even through our dreams good, bad or no dreams. He tells us in the Psalms He is working on our behalf even when we sleep.
    And by the way, you have always smelt ok from where I’m sitting. 😊

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  3. I’ve used a few of your excellent photos from Unsplash, Gary. Thank you for sharing! Statistics don’t always tell the true value of what we say and do. Heaven’s accounting system uses different software. Blessings!

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    1. Yes, I have seen the pictures show up on your blog. Thanks and glad they could be used, especially by someone I know and trust (through the blog family).
      So true on heavens use of statistics…they did take me by surprise though. I like being able to interpret things. I cannot interpret the statistics so I just have to keep shooting and posting if some can be used.

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  4. The honor is mine, Gary, that I can use your photos. Thanks for mentioning your photo website – Unsplash.com I am always looking for photos to use on my blog. As for stray thoughts, they are always hopping into my mind. I refuse them as soon as I know they need to leave. The only comfort about the “mind” is that without it, and our memory, we would not know how to operate a microwave or anything. Great post!

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    1. Thanks Mary, I hope there is something useful on the picture end of things. By the way my wife reads a lot and she read your latest (hidden in Irish Hills) and is passing it on to me…you are a very creative and talented writer.


  5. Well Gary, when I read the title “Puzzling Strays” I immediately thought you must have some stray dogs showing up on your property. Can you tell I live in the country where it’s not unusual for strays to come wandering through our property. In each case the system meant to keep them contained in their proper place has failed- a rope has broken, a gate left open, an e-collar battery died. What a reassurance to know that when any stray thoughts are held captive by Christ, they won’t break free and stray again. Headed over to check out your pictures now.

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  6. So true Beth about those stray dogs and cats. I often have thoughts get away from me. Thankfully when I am in close fellowship with the Lord our conversation is short “Lord…stray thought, sorry! got it!” says our savior

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  7. It is Anna. I see little cues from others that I may have an issue in myself if I pay attention.
    It takes some very trusting relationships with one another to allow someone pointing out my faults and maturity on our part.


  8. So much wisdom here!!! Your photographs are really something very special and God uses our gifts in so many ways. Stray thoughts aside, sometimes we need to celebrate our gifts just a bit…they are God-given and reflect his bountiful love. (He plants dreams in our hearts for a reason.)

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