Sometimes I See

A day paddle and many portages between waters lies an insignificant little island in the northernmost  Minnesota wilderness. Battered and vulnerable to every wind and storm from any direction, a display of all that life brings should one care to gaze awhile. I did. I felt the emotion. Pain in the calm after the storm, despair in a fog, hope in the suns rays coming to me, and all the seasons passing to get there. In the reflection I saw and felt me.



Doesn’t look like much does it? I’m not much. I realized my insignificance.

God brought me here. I watched the sun come through the fog and touch the battered tree tops. I felt HIs hope brush against me and penetrate my soul. I worshipped My Creator God and Lover of my soul. I felt unashamed tears. What a rendezvous. What a trysting place. Oh to have eyes to see and a heart to believe at all times.