Beauty in the Pause

The storm paused just long enough to take a picture

He knocked and came in. A weary smile and hello. 12 years of caring for his wife with a declining mind. I noticed that the snow had just begun to fall. The storm was coming. Softly and gently at first with memory slipping just like the falling snow when I glanced out the window. How innocent comes a storm sometimes.

We talked for a couple hours, mostly covering smatterings of the last 12 years interspersed with memorial preparations in the making. The snow outside had the makings of a storm coming and going. She whom we were remembering had thick slices of good times at first, very thin and meager slices of connection with her husband near the end. Every good time now deemed worthy of a memory token, beautiful and now treasured beyond measure

The storm was picking up speed but acting like an old car stuttering and grinding gears with a driver new to using a clutch. Her brain was like that, often disconnected with life, stuttering, charging and stranded in the next intersection. Oh the good times were really good, but shorter and shorter like camera shots, until all that was left at the end were a couple squeezes of the hand before hugging Jesus. He seemed at peace with much weight off his whole being but his sorrow brutal. A couple as “one” who Loved Jesus and each other fiercely, now an alone “one”

The storm was harsh as he left. “Drive safe” was my warning as he disappeared with his car into the storm. His storm has changed I thought. He is in the eye of the storm seeing the peace and beauty and reliving a life well lived. As soon as he left our drive our storm outside hit a hole in the clouds for a small while. I had seen the weather radar and the hole in the storm was predicted. The wind died and the lighting was an odd beauty not seen often. I stepped outside and snapped a couple of pictures, tokens for a memory. Beauty in the pause that tipped it’s hat to a life well lived here and received there.

His storm will start again when he is alone. he has a standard offer to call or drive over any time. Just come. It’s what Jesus does for all of us. Just come. Come in the storm or in the pause. Just come.

The storm quickly came again and would last into the middle of the night. I put on some layers, stepped out onto the deck and took a picture of the storm. a memory token of another kind. A token of his storm, my storm and yours. The token of the cross, a slain perfect lamb for a forever pause, forever beauty, forever connected to our creator after grinding gears in our storms here. Jesus says “Come, as you are, anytime”

“Just Come” Jesus

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

In memory of Kim. We are here for you Dennis


41 thoughts on “Beauty in the Pause

  1. Well, you did bring me to tears this morning! Gary, this was such a beautifully written piece…you pulled the strands of story together so well, that you tugged hard on our heart strings! Thank you for the reminder that God calls to us wherever we are…as you have put it so well in this essay. Praying for your friend!

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  2. You are right about the tears and the heartstrings. The finer tuned the strings, the better we hear the music God longs for us to hear…the notes are both sad at times and beautiful at the same time. It all points to the mystery of His love, and in the end, the deepest possible joy, beyond our wildest dreams. Love is the music of the saints, both here, and above. These are the notes we follow on this journey of life…the only notes that will lead us home.

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  3. Thanks Carole, Their faith-walk has been solid with many hard times. They have times of having walked on water, sunk, hung onto the boat. now she’s on shore. He get’s more chapters of life here.

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    1. And, we would have a lot to talk about. I appreciate your depth. and, I have a boat and a nice lake where there is enough fish not to go hungry and few enough so we would have time to talk between the catching.

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  4. You said a lot Craig. We should never have to go through the hard times alone when we are family. The “one another’s” are a big deal (love one another, bear one another’s burdens, bear with one another, …)

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  5. Pardon my “should,” but you should really, seriously, professionally publish your writing and photo’s. You would reach and bless so many more in a world of weary travelers.

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    1. Sigh…G.W. you are not the first to say that. I am praying about some real direction in the writing arena. I feel like a dessert maker being asked to make the steaks for a banquet. One step at a time I know but I keep avoiding the first rung on the ladder.

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  6. I imagine Denis is your neighbor? Wow this was written with dignity and winter aesthetic feel. And it reminds me what we have, we don’t have temporally here forever…makes me want to hold my wife and kids more tighter

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  7. I am at a loss for words Gary. Wow! this is so beautifully written adorning the spectacular splendour you captured in the photos.
    Thank you for sharing.


  8. Thank You for your kind words Crissy. It is not often that pictures, life and words come together on the same string to honor or Lord and beckon us to “Come”.


  9. You are right Ann, That peace really does come. It’s that kind of peace that the world is looking for in mostly wrong places. That peace in the hardest of times shouts loudly to those who want to hear.


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