Worth The Write

Todays journal entry, an excerpt.

Leave your story laying around for a soon to be wiser person to discover and read. You will, in this way, add another brick to building your legacy. This is in part why I journal. I think it’s worth the write

A journal has the potential to be a timeless magic mirror of ones heart and soul. Someone may look into the reflective pool of your life generations later and see the honest sought out thoughts of eternity gained. Knowing, trusting and living out a walk with the one who didn’t stay dead is worth the read and thus worth the write.

It could be said that a journal is a vehicle of time travel to the past and influencing an outcome of the future. Yes, worth the write.

Think of how to leave a trail of bread crumbs to the cross and one of rose petals to the Risen Christ. Record the changes in your life’s actions, thoughts and insights. Write of perspectives, mountains climbed, valleys and wayside rests. Smile, sweat, laugh and mourn with your words. Color, paint, picture and bleed between the lines. All these things are worth the write

Most of all, live your life in such a way it is worth writing about. Leave your pain and your chains on a page or two and leave them with Jesus. They don’t deserve a whole journal. Jesus says HE can make your life “Worth the Write”

May our lives be someday worth the read

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come 2 Corinthians 5:17


20 thoughts on “Worth The Write

  1. Your thoughts tonight remind me of the words to a favorite song, 🎶Lord, I want to be a man who You would write about.”🎶

    I resisted journaling for years. I can’t stand the sight of my own handwriting. But this year-during Lent- I’ve been keeping a daily prayer journal. Some days I write more than others, but it’s been a wonderful experience.

    It’s great to see your post, Gary, as I wind down for the evening. Blessings.

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  2. Thank you Gary for this timely encouragement. I purchased a diary a few months back to begin my prayer journal and letters to God. The diary sits by my bedside waiting for me to pick up my pen and let it speak on the blank pages. I have been resisting.

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  3. You are welcome Crissy. My oldest daughter admitted (after she was out of the house, married and cross country from us) she would take a sneak peak in my journal once in awhile to read my hopes, dreams and insights into life. She bought me an expensive leather bound journal and took the liberty to write the first page with those confessions and hoping her kids some day would do the same with hers.

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  4. Well Gary you have given me much to think on. I journal prayers, scriptures, and inspiring/encouraging words written by others, but you have given me a new perspective of journaling about my life. I chewed on your post while completing my evening chores and an idea on how to approach this type of journaling is bouncing around in my head. One that I would love for my girls to open one day and read. One that I hope would “be a trail of bread crumbs to the cross and one of rose petals to the Risen Christ.”

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  5. Thanks Beth
    It’s actually quite an undertaking. A different way of thinking and writing as well as time spent. I probably journal 3-4 times a week. Sometimes I mull over a story or concept or insight before just putting it in writing. Other times it’s instant. If I ever write a book, my journal may well be more useful than my blogs depending on the audience hoped for. Above all make it unmistakably you, and have fun making it fun to write and read. May the Lord bless your project.


  6. Stephanie , I think that is what pushes me to communicate better with words, analogies and somehow creating a living video in the heads of generations following me.


  7. I love the final comment; lead a life worth writing about. I also like what you said in this line, ‘Color, paint, picture and bleed between the lines.’ For those of us who journal, that says it all. I encourage everyone to journal. You learn so much about yourself and the world around you. I think writing down your prayers and praises to God is also so meaningful. You can go back and read them again and again. Our words are a legacy we leave behind, and a journal is a daily reminder to live life to the fullest…otherwise what can we write about?

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  8. Definitely made the case for why we should journal. A few weeks back I blogged about someone passing away and his son is now going through old saved blog posts of his father that his dad saved after the Platform Xanga was shut down; defintely left his son a legacy that he’s been talking to me about

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    1. Thanks Jim
      I read your post about the son and his dads legacy, well done.
      I believe it may not be for everyone but maybe a good question to raise is “would your kids read and know way more about what you want to say and pass on to them and their children after you are gone?”

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