Wordless Son-rise Message

Have you ever walked out of the house and figured you went through a portal into wordless awe and wonder? I pass a slice of my morning experience on to you. If a lion roars, don’t worry, It’s Aslan.

May the Son rise in your soul, quicken your spirit and reflect the character of God into the dark.

Restore brightness to my eyes… Psalm 13:3


24 thoughts on “Wordless Son-rise Message

  1. It really is Stephanie
    My brother sent me a text saying. Watch out for that trail (We call it the Enchanted Trail) “If you hear a lion roar, it’s Ok. It’s Aslan”


  2. Wow! There are no words that can perfectly and adequately describe the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. If we can describe such beauty as “breathtaking” now and we live in a fallen cursed world, I can’t even begin to imagine what wonder and beauty would be like in a perfect world.
    Thank you for sharing Gary.

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    1. Thanks Crissy
      I have often wondered the beauty of Eden. And, eye has not seen or hear heard what he has prepared for us (even all those people who have died and come back didn’t get much of a sneak peak

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  3. Sometimes, when I actually SEE some of the things that God has made, it strikes me that I know nothing and can only worship at the beauty He creates. Blessings Gary and thank you for sharing.

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      1. Buddy might just be seeing Mr. Tumnus peeking out from between the branches. Assure him that Lucy found him to be a gentle and kind friend. (As you can probably tell, my girls and I recently finished reading the Narnia series together)

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  4. Yes Anna, God’s amazing spontaneous artistry is a proof all by itself tht He is God and He can and will do miracles when and where he desires. The other side of the proof is his creation (us) acknowledging and deeply understanding that the very recognition of beauty didn’t just happen out of thin air. We were created to enjoy the beauty as our Father does. Now if the whole world would call Him father, that would really be something.

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    1. I am glad that you are delighted with my delight Linda. For some reason taking images with a camera helps me focus on the small details of beauty. I usually just see the forest. When a camera is at hand I can see the twigs as well. There must be a twig of an analogy in there somewhere.

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