Rest, Rest, and The _ _ _ Story

A couple years ago I received an email from a new-found writer and blog follower.  RON BOUCHARD, THE BURNING HEART wrote “Hey Gary, don’t neglect the gift God has given you. Write man write!!” I had not put out a post for awhile and he made sure I was not going to quit. So I didn’t. Sometimes it just takes one encouragement. He was short and to the point and he said about the same thing 3 different times…Yep, that’s a friend. A friend I never got to meet.

Since then Ron has battling cancer, taken chemo and gone into remission. We have encouraged one another and he has been on my prayer list. I had not heard from him in awhile on his small but mighty blog so I sent him a message or two around Christmas. Yesterday I was delighted to see a post from “The Burning Heart”, until I opened it.

I admit it was hard for me to see Nancy’s post on Ron’s site. Those who had visited his site will smile and also be saddened. We should remember to lift up Nancy and family to the Lord.

Click here to see Nancy’s post on Ron Click here for update

Ron, as well as many of you, wanted to make it to Minnesota (in the summer) and spent some time in the boat with me. A fireside chat in the back yard with smores to the mosquito hum and possibly the coyotes would yip or the big gray timber wolves moan. We would absolutely have a fish fry.

We will miss his posts and emails while Nancy will miss Him. One thing we could all take from Ron’s life and writings; He did not hold back his heart. His Blog title was accurate. You know his heart is still burning with a flame for God.

Ron related to those on the Emmaus road “And they said to one another, “Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32 Should that not be said of us?

I keep re-reading this…” He had sent a text that he was tired and going to rest before driving home, and…”

Rest Ron, Rest. at least the weather is perfect there. It’s really cold here. We will keep writing from our burning hearts!

This morning was cold. Xtra Cold…

Ironic that Life here goes on, and on, and un…til it hits forever.


26 thoughts on “Rest, Rest, and The _ _ _ Story

  1. It’s amazing how other believer bloggers become like family here on Word Press. I’ve been around here long enough to see some of my favorites drop off the blogosphere. Unfortunately, some of them simply vanished without a trace. At least Nancy posted about her husband’s passing.

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    1. I have the same experience David. Nancy had quite a learning curve getting a post out. It speaks of their character as individuals and as a couple honoring one another. The first person who ever liked one of my posts became a friend for four years, then his wife put out his last post. He made his living writing short stories and was an outdoorsman…I still miss his encouragement after 8 years gone. Just in case I don’t make it 20 years longer I should teach my wife how to post on my blog, although I hope it won’t be “Gary Died, Truck and boat for sale”

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  2. I did not know Ron and Nancy, but their story of faith in Christ lives on with those who are sharing it. I, too, do not write for weeks. Seems sometimes that God is far away and the world is getting more evil everyday. But I do know for sure, that when I focus on God and His Word, there is plenty to write about. Still, I wait for long periods of time for something to write, and even then I am not always thrilled about it. We Christians need to remember that the enemy of our soul is always at war with us. Perhaps we should share ourselves more, rather than hold back. Thank you Gary for writing this post.

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    1. A good insight Mary. I know it’s true for me I need to exercise the writing muscles (mostly in my head) more often and pour out myself a bit or two more. Giving my 2 cents should account for the worlds evil inflation say 2 bits?
      I also know what you mean about having plenty to write about when spending time in the Word. I keep so much inside or write in my journal which I then put away.


      1. Maybe not so strange that you mention writing in your journal, because that is my place to write also. I unwind and spill everything there, and sometimes I tear it out and throw it away. We are prompted differently everyday, and sometimes it is difficult to see what is the Holy Spirit and what is flesh. We Christian bloggers fight the battle — it is a good fight because we know for whom we fight for! Keep up the good work, Gary!

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    1. Thanks Linda. I think I was one of Ron’s first “followers”. At first more from his emails than his writing. He was learning how to get his thoughts into words that make it to one’s heart as a blogger. A gift for the taking but most often a long ways away. One must trudge through many storms, cross mountains, deep waters and many shovels full of life to unearth, unwrap and polish the joints of our words strung together as an arrow to shoot straight and deep our message to the readers heart. (I know, kind of dramatic). Did you hear the one about the…

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      1. I like that line about shovels full of life…much to sift through, that is for sure! There in the sifting, we find so much we might have missed. I will keep Ron’s wife in my prayers!

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    1. You are right Stephanie. I send those kind of messages to friends all the time. I just sent a you tube video of a gal sharing her testimony and then sang a beautiful song to my nephews with this message “now when you go courting girls, find one who loves god like this gal…take it from an old guy who has traveled that relationship road for 45 years”
      Being I’m the one who takes them fishing I have leverage and know how to use it.

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  3. Oh dear,
    I, too was connected to Ron through our blogs.
    And I also reached out to Nancy last week, as Ron hadn’t replied to my “happy new year”- email and I thought that GOD had told me he had passed, but I was hoping that I was wrong… what a great , caring and kind mutual friend we have lost!
    He and Nancy have been there for me when I was truly struggling, they reached out from the other side of the world and had prayed for me – it meant the world to me!
    I will join you in your prayers for Nancy.
    Ron has also commented so much on my blog, he has been such a great encouraging voice in my life!
    May his soul rest in peace.
    Good to be connected to you my brother!
    GOD bless you!
    Your sister

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    1. Yes, it hit me kind of hard even though we had never met. We had exchanged a few emails and he was thinking, hoping he could travel over to Minnesota and go fishing with me. I am building a small rustic cabin in the woods this summer for such occasions. we have friends and relatives looking forward to the cabin experience as long as it is mosquito and bear proof.

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      1. I lived in a “bothy” (cabin) for about a year and a half on the Isle of Iona (one of the Inner Hebrides) in Scotland… a story for another time …
        I am sure Ron would smile if he knew that his memory lives on through bloggers all over the world.

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