Ultimate Art Thought

I’m enjoying God’s artwork today. He makes his stuff come alive. The human race must be jealous, especially those who say “no one created that”.

Click to any picture to enlarge and use slides show.


OK, saw the owl last night, does that count??


25 thoughts on “Ultimate Art Thought

  1. My favorite picture was the owl then I saw your note at the end, yes it counts!!!! God’s creation is truly stunning. How He knows each person, owl, hummingbird, flower, tree, fruit, grains of sand on the shore is just beyond me. Thank you for this, you have cheered up my afternoon!

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    1. I cannot imagine those neck muscles Nancy. I walked several circles around one that refused to fly. It’s eyes and head followed me all the way around. Once it would get so far it would spin it’s head back around to look directly at me so fast it was barely discernable. If I blinked I didn’t see it. Amazing. I finally got dizzy going in small circles around it’s tree.

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    1. It’s crazy David. I saw 3 different owls last night. This one was swooping down and picking nightcrawlers. I have at least 10+ owls within close proximity to our house judging by the night sounds when they start talking to one another. My imagination goes wild and I think they are conspiring to try to take me.

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  2. Thanks Gary, for more shots illustrating your labor of love ability to showcase the variety and perfection of our Lord’s Creation. One wonders how easily so many fall for the deception of “There is no Creator it happened all on its own somehow some way we don’t understand so don’t look any further into it and refer to it all only as Mother Nature and appreciate it on that shallow non-thinking basis.”

    His Name is Jesus


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    1. Thanks RJ.
      I relate to Eric Liddell’s comment in Chariots of fire to his sister ““I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast!. When I run I feel God’s pleasure”
      That’s me looking through a viewfinder framing God’s creation. A worship experience for me.

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  3. It’s like a disease of the mind Stephanie. It’s called “dontconfusemewiththefacts” Our world loves that malady as the alternative is allowing God to renew our minds.


  4. I’m just happy that I can frame and share Linda. I see it as an investment in others, possibly where and when needed, even if just for a smile or a glint in the eye. It’s a form of worship when directed toward God. Oh, and it’s fun!!

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