Something To Munch On

Beware the barrenness of a busy life” dad always warned. Dads gone and here I am, busy.

These were my thoughts as I watched the humming birds chase each other around and around the feeder while getting nothing. sometimes I resemble those hummers. Sometimes I learn not to be like those birds. Good thing, I would always be exhausted.

The barren life of busyness, it spreads like a virus into all areas of life. I think the only pill that completely works for that is called “quitit“. Second runner up is called ‘takeabreak“, but it’s not as effective. Lately I have had some success with “justsayno“.

As much as I would love the ultimate rush to fly like a hummingbird, I’m taking time to grow my relationships. Out of 7 of us siblings, we will have 4 major building projects going on this year. We will help one another when we can. My wife and I still talk on deep levels as well as laugh together. We adjust our strides with each other often. Our handicapped daughter is loved on a lot as well as the rest of the family when possible.

Above all, my stride with God is important as well as sitting down to hear, talk and reflect. I have been dwelling on this promise. “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.” Isaiah 26:3-4

I hope you enjoy a couple of pictures. A result of the “takeabreak” pill (Click to enlarge slides)

Just some food for thought, something to munch on. Have a great rest of the week.



23 thoughts on “Something To Munch On

  1. This is great food for thought, Gary. Especially as I prepare for a good nights sleep. The wake up for me, via your words, is that I am a classic type-A person. “Let go and let God” would make a good mantra for me.

    Thank you for sharing this piece. It’s so silly how hummers fight over the feeder so much nobody gets a drink. This is good stuff, brother!

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  2. I work so hard on our backyard (see Friday’s post) but I never took the time to enjoy it. This week, with slightly cooler temperatures, I have sat in a chair outside each evening before supper and just watched and listened. What a blessing.

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  3. Gary, the timing of this hits home. Eliminating the “busy life” has been my focus this summer. It’s a real challenge due to being self-employed. I chose to cut back more and establish some new boundaries, and though it has been hard to implement, I’ve already felt the benefits.

    “Trust” is mentioned twice in the Isaiah passage. I must reflect, is busyness a symptom reflecting a lack of trust in God? This affirms thoughts I’d been pondering.

    Your live edge siding is gorgeous. The color variations are so beautiful. God bless.

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    1. Thanks Manette. I know that we were created to work but also created to rest and take time for one another and for God himself so I guess it’s the balance of it all. I too love the siding. some of this is experimental so it’s going on the personal retreat cabin in the woods I’m building. I’ll take a picture of the cabin when the siding and deck is on.

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  4. Beautiful pics as always! I used to be a “busy” person, flitting from one activity to another. Doing this, doing that. As I’ve gotten older, I find it less attractive and tend to spend more time doing quiet things, like watching the sunrise…painting…reading…I feel so much more at peace.

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    1. I believe pain in life does that to us Stephanie. I’m about 1/4 speed these days compared to youth years. It’s a good thing that’s happening to us. Closer to worship. Further from being the god of our lives.

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    1. Thanks Mandy
      I must admit, I did a happy dance when I finally got a hummingbird in pin point focus while flying with good lighting. Someday when over this way…just saying…I have a big boat, lots of nature and a spot for Nate (and you if you want) in the boat. We will also have a little cabin in the woods. I took the dog for a walk and a deer was blowing at us while standing by the cabin. 3 owls often rest through the day by the cabin as well. That goes for a bunch of other writer friends as well.

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      1. That is an incredible picture! I originally wrote that I am not patient enough nor is my camera good enough to capture the hummingbird. I am going to save this photo! I have a friend who does wood burning and I am going to see if she can take that picture and make a cutting board.

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  5. “But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her” Luke 10:42

    Discipline is God’s answer to the still life as well as the busy one… “quitit’ is a good prescription for all of us!


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  6. Awesome photographs!!! I am glad that you took a break to take pictures!!! It sounds like you are spending your ‘breaktime’ in very important pursuits. I am happy for you. As I have mentioned before, you were blessed with a dad who was very wise. Life passes by quickly and your dad understood that.

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    1. Thanks Linda. Yes, sometimes we need to step off the speeding train of life, walk and enjoy the landscape which speeds by when we are on the train. Deciding what is important is much easier earlier in life when we don’t think about it. Go figure.

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  7. Hey Gary
    I love the warning of your dad!
    SO glad GOD took me out of the world, where I was living, chasing after “something” and nowadays, I don’t even understand anymore what it was…
    PEACE and GOD’s TRUTH replaced all I could ever strive for and run after – and then listening to what HE has me to do….
    Now and then, I still get caught up in trying to achieve / accomplish or get what I believe I need – too “busy” to sit with GOD, too busy to read my bible, too busy to write for HIM – these are indicators that my life is currently not on track and that this business is just a waste of my time and that my endeavours will not bear any fruit!
    I am grateful for this quote of your late dad, it will hopefully remind me of what’s truly important – thank you for this, I was blessed by your post – as always!
    GOD bless you!

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    1. Thanks Eva.
      It’s a quote I will always remember for myself and hopefully practice it for a lifetime Eva. That’s the hard part, living it out in proper balance. When the crops needed top come in before the rains hit on the farm, we knew it was a time to be very busy and very productive.

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