Artists Law of Thermodynamics

I wanted to show you a header picture I took this week. You had to be there to appreciate the full beauty and grit of an Iris flower growing in a foot of water and high grass. The dynamics and lighting were astounding. The color contrasts were worth staring at for a long time. Several species of bugs were attracted enough to have a steady stream of insect visitations. Then I tried to take a picture and capture the scene, the mood, the color and light and insects. I fell as close as one might fall in love for a wild flower as a picture taking artist-writer.

You may have just looked at the picture and said to yourself “hmm, nice picture”, if you like pictures of flowers. A whole lot of something(s) were lost from my experiencing the flower to your experience seeing a picture worth quite a few words (by my estimation). We just experienced this natural law; “The second law of thermodynamics states that as energy is transferred or transformed, more and more of it is wasted.” My emotional experience transferred to a photograph and words to you have lost about 95% of it’s energy. More than that if I cannot find good words to bring it together.

Simply translated: I write about an awesome experience or insight the world needs to hear about and the reader says “hmm, nice thoughts”. I take two hours or two weeks on a perfect fantastic picture which conveys the essence of nature in it’s fullest beauty. Someone looks at it and says “Oh, nice.” Yep, lost a ton of energy from the creator to the rest of the world.

So, let me add something to the picture (as I took more than one). I may get an “oh my, would you look at that” on this next picture of the same flower. Or not.

See the eye? You didn’t know flowers have eyes did you?

Now I have lost your interest in the flower and my flower picture is about the eye looking back at you. You are totally distracted. It’s a really good picture though and will probably be worth more words to everyone except botanical people. So what am I writing about here? Oh ya, how much energy is lost from writer to reader? About 99.9%

One more example from this weeks pictures. I took 20 pictures of this Barred owl placing it’s self in the same tree as nesting robins. our whole backyard was full of bird protesters of every small species incited by the robins. I named the spot beside the raspberries “Cacklephonia.” Seemed fitting.

Seems innocent enough. and yes, I got close.

I experienced these pictures in real time. I spent an hour attempting to shoot pictures I couldn’t get from the ground while listening and watching dive bombing birds at the big owl. The owl would merely mew softly like a cat while giving me “the look” everyone sums up in one word “who?” My point exactly made by a friend “that’s an owl”

If a picture worth a thousand words can, at best, convey only a small percentage of the experience of being there, think how hard we as writers, artists and photographers have to work at communicating our thoughts, emotions and stories. How much work and talent does it take to make a difference?

In this light, think of how amazing this experience was for the world to conclude this about the disciples of Jesus? “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” Acts 4:13

I cannot begin to imagine the powerful experiences (many recorded) these men had to effectively change the world. So powerful the pagan world around them was constantly being changed. The second law of thermodynamics doesn’t work on God. Jesus last words prove correct for the last 2000 years and the great artist and writers energy is transferred 100% with no loss of energy

 “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Acts 1:8

This challenges me to the core. I want to know and experience Jesus in such a way.

Lets keep growing…noticeably, and rely on his power.

Visible New Growth in a balsam


Psst…And the eye?? it’s a bumblebee.

35 thoughts on “Artists Law of Thermodynamics

  1. Isn’t it the very same with the bible and your metaphor of the readers only seeing the pictures you took?
    When those who wrote it were there, “in the story”…??
    And nowadays, we “only” get to read about their experiences… me, I, too, want to experience JESUS like they did – in the flesh!
    Boy will I write about it when it will have happened – I will write posts and posts and books about it 🙂
    Very inspiring thoughts – as usual!
    Thanks for sharing & GOD bless you.

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  2. That “eye” actually scared me at first glance. I was reading what your wrote, that said, “Let me add something to the picture….and then you added, “you will say Oh, my, will you look at that”. So I was ready for something, but not an EYE staring at me. Wow, it doesn’t get more fantastic than that. I’m glad you identified the bumble bee. I was imagining all sorts of “bad” stuff. I hope that you will release your photos and comments in a book, soon, The world should see your talent with the camera. Thank you.

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    1. It was a strange thing to see. I was innocently taking a picture of a flower and then it’s like an eye opened up and I half expected a head to rise up out of the water in the deep grass…I could weave quite a story for the grandkids out of that picture. We are a bit on edge here anyway as 3 different black bear have walked through our yard this week. One came on the deck and looked in the patio door glass.

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      1. I rap on the window then step out and shoo them away. They back off or turn away. I have beaned a couple with a rock or whatever is handy. They don’t like that. My brother uses a slingshot to sting them and they tend to run away. If the camera is handy I try for a shot but usually they are disappearing about that time. I mostly get poor pictures. Black bear are cowards compared to other species of bear. In season they also fare well next to the mashed potatoes.

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  3. The iris eye picture is amazing! Nathan said, it’s a bee! I said no it’s not! Then I read to the end and I was the one who said, “oh.” Well done! Great writings! That’s amazing you were able to get such an owl picture during the day. We have tons of owls where I live, I can’t remember the last time I saw one during my waking hours!!!! I am so thankful for these posts!

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    1. Thanks Mandy. If you want to find an owl, just keep listening for the birds to sound an alarm. That is how I find them. They do fit in real well as their feathers look like the bark of a tree or they hide in the greenery. Nathan used logic. My mind went to a monster buried below in the muck and he had just opened his eye from me disturbing a centuries long sleep

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      1. That is one of the neatest pictures I have ever seen in my life. Nathan is an outdoorsman through and through. The Army and life experience has taught him that details do indeed matter. I see that with your pictures and writing!!!!

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  4. One sentence struck me in a helpful way. Using big words like “omnipotent” can sometimes cause many to be disinterested by theology lingo. Sometimes we need to use the vocabulary of the listener to help them understand deep truths. The sentence I liked was “The second law of thermodynamics doesn’t work on God.”

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    1. You are right Wayne. I may have weeded out a lot of readers with the title alone. Glad you hung in there. I do sense by the comments that many just look at the pictures. Good accountability comment for me, thanks.


  5. The verse of scripture that came to me as I read this post is Romans 12:2. (We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, and we are not to conform to this world.) In the very core of our beings, we must continuously strive to be renewed. God changes us, empowers us to do His will. Your photos are awesome! (The iris ‘eye’ is incredible.) There are many ways of ‘seeing’. God asks us to see with our hearts and that is our great calling. Excellent post! So much to contemplate here…thank you!

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  6. Wonderfully insightful, Gary. Words fail us in numerous situations, but time and again you find just the right ones to help us know and experience Jesus in deeper ways. That’s why I keep coming back!

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    1. Thankyou Nancy. Kind words. I seem to have to work hard for the right words. In this case Word Press said I had 13 different revisions. It is much easier just going fishing.
      I’m sure you get thoughts or insights that run around in one’s head and they have to be let out sometime.

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    2. Manette, It is unusual for me. I tend to edit my post a couple times and probably miss a couple things but I push the publish button anyway (do a revision later when my wife says “this doesn’t make sense). My true weakness is I tend to be a “good enough” guy when writing. Woodworking is another thing.


    1. Thanks Manette. Hindsight…I probably should have saved that picture for a blog all it’s own. It’s actually a distraction to the theme of the blog even though I recognize it and called it that. It took away from what I was driving at…sigh.., lesson learned again.

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