Surviving The Crash

Several of you have wanted to know more details of my cousins daughter surviving a plane crash in Alaska last month. You may have seen something on the news or googled “plane crash on a lake in Alaska”. Notice the open water in the background if you clicked on the link.

Ashley and Glenn talk some about this in their local rural church. It’s very much worth hearing their thoughts then and today. There is a long journey ahead to get back to the top of a mountain.

This is a “before” picture. I hope it can happen again Ashley!

As a backdrop, keep some little tidbits of information in the back of your mind.

This from a text today: “The hardest part about telling the story is that it takes so long to set up the story that many of the miracles were not even mentioned.  Lake Illiamna is the 7th largest freshwater lake in the world. 1) Had the pilot started the turn 10 seconds sooner (which equals 1/2 mile), the plane would have crashed in open water.  10 seconds later and they would have crashed in the rocks.  It was perfect timing to crash onto 30 inches of ice in a bay.  2) The plan crashed in the middle of a turn, hitting wing first.  This caused the plan to cartwheel, which caused the engine and battery to be ripped off, so that there was nothing to ignite the leaking AV fuel.  3) God allowed for one of the texts to make it out, which gave coordinates and situation.  Just that small detail shaved off an hour or more of search and rescue response. 4) There is the triple A battery, that was in someone’s pocket, which was nearly sliced in two,  protecting an upper thigh from a potentially deep cut”

The list goes on and on of seemingly small details of life and death significance.

This interview, in their local church, is a part of the palm Sunday service. Pick up the conversation with Ashley at 39:45 and Glenn’s challenge as a father at 57:30. going into this. Understand this is someone with a very recent miraculous survival story. (Scroll to Ashley talking at 39:45 and Glenn at 57:30)

Scroll to Ashley talking at 39:45 and Glenn at 57:30

When asked if there was anything else I should put in this post, Glenn asked for this prayer of encouragement from Colossians 1 :9-11.  For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God,  being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience”

Ask questions in comments, and, yes an account is being set up to help pay emergency evacuation and medical bills beyond what insurance will cover. I will post that later on my regular garyfultz blog



37 thoughts on “Surviving The Crash

    1. Thanks Mary
      We are still finding out little big things that indicate how God picked out a plane to crash and miraculously save the passengers yet allow certain physical things close to death and yet possible permanent disability and perhaps years of therapy for his glory…all of those things are becoming quite clear by testimony. It’s so far beyond our finite thinking.

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  1. God’s saving miracles are often miles above any words I can give. I can only shake my head and smile at His ways of goodness. These testimonies and personal stories are uplifting and encouraging. God is always on the job! Christ be praised!

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    1. This is perhaps a good way to start a conversation with those who do not believe that God still does miracles yet works in very mysterious ways. I love how Ashley is leaning forward, not just into life ahead but into what God has for her.

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  2. Wow, what a testimony!

    Praise GOD!

    What I love most is that even her absence is a blessing to the kids she used to look after, as they are learning to stay connected to someone who has “abandoned” them; learning to differentiate if a person is absent by choice or against their will – this is a HUGE learning for these traumatized souls and it will help them heal tremendously…

    As in everything I have seen and heard and experienced myself, it is once again proven by this myriad of miracles that GOD is using everything the enemy meant for our evil for our good.

    I am sure HE will continue to use them mightily for HIS glory.

    This story blessed me so much.

    Thank you for sharing and GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. Eva, you would pick up un the dynamics happening here, God is working in the hearts of those kids in ways that might not happen any other way. This is why we pray for kids like this and tremble how hod may bring it about. There is many aspects God is bringing thins about but you may have to read the whole story when it is someday put into print. In some ways it’s just beginning.

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      1. There’s always so much more to it when GOD is in it!

        In fact, this is how I can tell GOD’s hand is in a case or in a matter or in a person’s life.

        Just like around this time of the year almost 2000 years ago when the vicious murder of an innocent man, the purest philanthropist the world has ever seen, was turned into the salvation of mankind – by GOD.

        Only HE can bring about so much good from a disaster, only HE can melt hearts like those of the kids and this is just how HE works…
        HIS ways are indeed different.

        Isn’t it like this will all of us – that what HE does in our lives is only just the beginning?

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    2. Ah yes, the great and the purest philanthropist, the promised messiah, the only one qualified to take our place who lives today…My wife and I celebrated Christ’s resurrection early this morning just the two of us as I will be behind the keyboards at our little country church tomorrow morning.
      someday we will find out how much our “accidents” were not an accident.

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  3. I am in awe of the little miracles that occurred to make the survival all the passengers even possible. I’m sure there are little stories within this big story that will be told for years to come that will point to God’s grace and mercy. Our God is an awesome God! Thank you for sharing Ashley and Glenn’s story, Gary. It’s a beautiful reminder that God is always at work and in every detail of our lives.

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    1. I am in awe as well Nancy. Sometimes those little details hurt. The details why no one had severe head trauma with the brain swelling is perhaps how God works with us sometimes…Ashley should have done quite a face plant into the plane wreckage coming at her but a seatbelt caught her pony tail (hair) and kept her back with such force that what everyone thought was a head gash was from the scalp ripping open from her hair catching which may have saved her life. Gruesome but yet after many stitches has healed well.

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  4. “God works all things after the counsel of His will”, thank you Gary for sharing this uplifting and encouraging story. Wow!! Our puny pygmy minds can never understand our Triune God who allows things to happen for our good and His glory.

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    1. He sure does Crissy. This is why Glenn’s scripture prayer is so important. It is good to be on the “Moses” side of God’s will rather than the “Pharaoh” side of it. Like I mentioned to Eva’s comment, we pray “thy will be done” trembling yet in full surrender.

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  5. Amazing! Is Alaska a dangerous place to fly? I had a friend recently crash also. She didn’t survive hers. I’m thanking God with you that He chose to protect Ashley’s life. All for his glory!

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    1. Yes, it’s all rugged mountain and tundra wilderness. Surviving a crash and being rescued safely especially in the harsh winters is highly improbable. Just crashing on a lake with solid ice is a miracle. Yes, all for Gods Glory…His odds are 100 %

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  6. Thinking of you and your family at this time – knowing full well the miracle of God in survival and the journey to recovery and the mystery of it all personally. Eternal graces worked into and through the tough places.


  7. Gary, thank you for sharing Ashley’s story. God is so good and Ashley is an incredible young woman of faith. Hearing her testimony of miracles is an encouragement. We (your readers) have the privilege of joining in uplifting prayer for Ashley and the other passengers because you shared. Thank you!

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  8. Praying for Ashley and her family and all those involved in this crash. God’s miracles are without end and this story surely is full of miracles. I found it so very moving that the rescue plane kept finding clear spaces to fly through in the midst of this terrible storm. God is always acting on behalf of His children. Praise God that everyone came through this crash. It would seem impossible; but with God nothing is impossible.

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    1. Thanks Linda. A long road ahead. Her therapy is delayed 3 months before allowed to put weight on foot that was pieced back together. Between plates and screws there is a lot of hardware and pain. She is sure leaning into life though. Yes many unmentioned miracles

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  9. Keeping her in my prayers as she goes forward, one day at a time. Thank you for sharing their story and we will ask others to pray as well. There is certainly ‘weight’ in so many people praying. Praying also for your daughter and your family. (Hope the ‘winter weight’ will lift and you can get out to your boat.) The seasons are changing ever so slowly!

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    1. Thankyou so much Linda. It does look like winter here again with a fresh 4″. Some places got 30″ last week. I think the melting days will soon outnumber the snow days. Our daughter had a good week…we celebrated. Ashley has 3 months before they will allow therapy. Her mind is ready to go, her broken parts need time.
      This is when parents announce to their kids that summer is being skipped this year so they have to keep going to school.

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  10. Wow–what are the chances?! No doubt the probability factor for so many “coincidences” to occur in one event has to be extremely high. ONLY GOD! Thank you so much for sharing this story, Gary. Such an encouragement and uplift!

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  11. I truly believe that in every tragic situation there are miracles that happen (seen and unseen).Sometimes it’s easier to focus on the tragic parts. But hope and strength is found when Jesus becomes the focus. Just incredible testimony of his loving ways in the midst of tragedy.

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