When You Frame It Like That…Glad You Asked. Yes, The T-Shirt Is Important To The Story

This post was written as a response to Mama Lava’s post “When You Frame It Like That” You may want to add your own post to the collection of posts on her site.

A fish of a life-time, A nice boat, two guys talking about life and a sunset coming on to stamp it’s approval on the evening. I even brought my camera. The rest of the story goes more along with the words on his t-shirt

“I Find Your Lack Of Strength Disturbing” Fitting words coming from a couple tours in Afghanistan. Not so fitting in the rest of society when mixed with a face to face confrontational style when around people. the actual setting was 2 guys having a heart to heart talk in the middle of the lake so he couldn’t swim to shore if he didn’t like it (he didn’t). Mentor to mentee talk. Work, church and family relationships at stake, and the stakes had become quite high. He chose me to mentor him and I had agreed. I told him it would be in a boat away from distractions. He bought a fishing license, learned how to cast and then caught the biggest fish of his life with my fishing tackle and in my boat.

When it was all done we headed home. Only one fish was caught, sun was setting and my talking was done. I asked him for his thoughts. All he said was “God sure has a sense of humor” You agreed to mentor me, took me fishing, positioned the boat too far from shore to swim, told me some really hard things I needed to hear and I caught the biggest fish I will ever catch. “Thanks for the picture…you make me look good”

I often think of this picture. As a photographer I realize I often frame parts of my life to look good, look important, distract from the real issues and a host of other reasons. I even find myself framing my actions and sometimes my talks with God as well as others. That reminds me. I need to change some wording on my resume’.

May our trophies in life be worth it in eternity. I would like to think my friends trophy fish will always remind him of the important things out of frame that day. Maybe someday??


17 thoughts on “When You Frame It Like That…Glad You Asked. Yes, The T-Shirt Is Important To The Story

  1. Great photos and fantastic story! God is so good! He mixed a great memory (big fish) with a memorable message. And whenever your friend recalls the fish and tells the story of catching it, his heart will remember and ‘re-hear’ the message. You and God made a good team on that one! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Thanks. It was a God thing as the fish were really not biting and I was sticking my neck out quite a ways in what needed to be said in as nice and blunt a way as possible. I usually do not answer prompts but the set up was really good on your part. Good idea. I hope more join in.

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  3. I tried to enter a comment earlier, but I do not think it went through. Anyway, this was an awesome story…I thought of the passage from Matthew 4:19: “And He saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

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  4. Thanks Linda
    That is actually one of the verses I use when I speak to outdoor groups.
    I think God used the fish to validate our conversation that day as my friend admitted to being poor at taking any advice from anyone.
    God’s way of saying “go for it Gary,” then “that boy needs help”

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    1. Sorry I missed your comment! You and Nathan are the biggest life on life disciplers I know. So, yes that is his kind of discipleship!!! My niece has a soccer tournament this weekend and nathan actually gave up fishing yesterday to watch her. I am still stunned! Love and blessings to y’all!!!!

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  5. “May our trophies in life be worth it in eternity.” Excellent words of wisdom Gary! Eternal trophies and the trophies the world prizes look extremely different. One is found on the narrow road and the other on the broad road.

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  6. I’d say the young man’s comment, “You told me some really hard things I needed to hear” gives indication he was already taking to heart what you told him! Sounds as if GOD must have given him ears to hear!

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