Life is like that…

You Tube Video Link (skip music and intro at 24 minutes into it) (Life is like that) 4 Points listed below.

I was asked to share my personal template for my walk with God to our little but mighty church in the north woods of Minnesota. At the very least you will enjoy a personal story at the beginning of my talk. you can skip the music and introductory remarks by starting at 23:53 Watch and listen here

The picture I had put on the screen (unseen in the video) was a hummingbird picture featured in my other blog where I tell how to shoot these kinds of pictures

I outline my template for living and growing a personal relationship with stories and scripture. Our little u-tube set up is just a camera on a tripod taking sound from the speakers mic. It works for people who cannot make it to the church service.

Take a Walk

Have a talk

Get Right

Stay tight

I share my heart. I will admit to being a better fisherman than a rusty, sometimes crusty speaker. I felt it worth sharing with you, Some of my side comments have been influenced by recent blogs (possibly yours). Life has been hard lately so I have been off grid a lot. I will enjoy coming back. Till then, I encourage you to know Jesus more and more, no matter what life is like for you these days.


34 thoughts on “Life is like that…

    1. Hi Gary, I watched the video and loved the talk you gave. So many things came to mind as you were talking, so many times I was saying yes. I actually experienced a number of them today. My best prayers are when I am walking, and I walked and prayed today. I asked for insights into His Word and I did that study on John. I am constantly amazed at what God shows me, things that if it were just me, I would surely miss. God’s Holy Spirit says look at the word again, did you see that connection that you’ve gone over before, and here is another one. Cherish that closeness, simplicity of asking, being real, about literally everything, and God responds. You spoke about God’s sovereignty and free will, yep, touched on that one too. I can see why you’re good with young people and I can see why I’d love being in the woods with you. Blessings brother and thank you for sharing. There’s much more to come.

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      1. I’m quite sure there are many things about our “walk” that are similar Bruce. God did intend a back and forth communication with us and has equipped us with his Word and blessed us with his presence when we are right and tight. That being said, I am still gifted in creating disasters now and then.

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  1. Great talk Gary. Thank you. I appreciate this message. The subject is one we must always be cognizant of because things can sometimes go south in a hurry as you so eloquently revealed. It is very easy at times to get lost and fall out of touch with the Lord due to circumstances and happenings taking place all around us all the time, and sometimes because we simply are not paying attention. Staying very close to the Lord Jesus is imperative if we are to stay the course which is HIS course. He’s the one leading us on the trail. If we stay close, and trust, and obey, and keep a good spirit, we will only be touched by what’s in accordance with His will, and His will is the best thing that could ever happen. Sometimes we might be willing to ask for more and He might think it’s the right time. It takes great courage. Walking with Him obviously also takes consistency. We must learn to be a rock in this sense (rather than a reed shaking in the wind) as HE is the Rock. He is our Anchor. He is our Strong Tower. He is the Trail Boss that will lead us through danger, and to the proper objective, the day’s accomplishment, and the next camp site.

    All things are possible with Him. He is the Greatest. Blessings to you.

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    1. Thanks RJ, I appreciate your additional insights. Yes, He is the only one who can take us safely through life and eternity our final camp. can’t wait for the fireside testimonies there.

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  2. Gary, just finished watching. I felt like I was sitting around a campfire with my Dad and brothers as I listened to your story of the boat and your connection to life and the Lord. In my book, this is the best type of sermon gasping, laughing, listening, learning, and walking away with words to chew on. In this case the questions I come away asking are- Is my walk noticeable? What is within me? Am I looking at all the things surrounding me through the Lord’s lens? Am I right and tight so that I can hear the Lord’s insights? Thank you for sharing your personal template. It is certainly one that resonates with me.

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  3. Ah Beth. It’s good for my own heart to know I connected in some ways, even though I can bumble well and turn a good situation bad in a hurry. I’m glad God can use our bumbles for good


  4. Well done, Gary! You had me engaged in your story, from beginning to end. Your template is easy to remember. It even rhymes! The part about looking through God’s lens–every now and again–fits my experience to a T. I like to call these “context lenses,” because one look from God’s viewpoint is all it takes for a change of perspective. Thanks for sharing your talk, Gary. I enjoyed it! Blessings.

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  5. Gary, Psalm 103 is my favorite. But when you talked about being a young man, questioning the source of the change in your life when you received christ, you preached a good sermon: ” The power of salvation is Jesus Christ.” And the small voice you heard in the forest “I care about that plant” reminds me that God is sovereign over ALL creation, nothing exists outside of His care.

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    1. Thanks Bob. Yes, self help is no help at all for salvation. One could spend many sermons on Psalm 103 as it is a major intersection on many threads of ways of God and his promises to us.
      We just moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota to retire and be by family. I see you have a book out so I’ll check that out as well.


  6. Just finished listening to your inspiring and timely talk Gary. What you shared spoke to me as it fits precisely into what the Lord has been showing me the last few weeks but I haven’t quite grasped yet.

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    1. Amazing Crissy. I know all about the “not quite yet” kingdom stuff and ponderings of God’s measured out but not quite understood messages.
      My own problem is staying still….If God nailed one of my feet to the floor to keep me still I might spend my time running in circles being busy in His name.

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  7. Thank you Gary. I really appreciated your message. In fact I listened to it twice. That boat certainly had it in for you right up to the last minute with the bilge pump. I’m glad that you didn’t hit the rocks at speed or sink in 40 feet of water. I am also glad I found your blog although I can’t remember how I ended up here.

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  8. I’m glad you found it David and thank you for your encouragement. I have a link from my blog to this one which is a little deeper on the spiritual side and focused on encouraging our relationship with God.
    I actually still have the boat and motor all fixed up and the operator knows how to manage it now.

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      1. Dad did a guest post on Proverbial Thought a few years back. We share a lot of things. I’m glad we have that relationship (especially when I think of how we fought back in the day when I was a child/teenager).

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  9. What a story, Gary! The tyranny of the urgent — so relevant to the lives we live these days. Yes, if we spend time w/ God, we grow to know Him. He already knows us…our hopes, our dreams, our shortcomings, our fears. May He bless you, brother.

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    1. Thank You Anna. It can be a great comfort in knowing He knows everything about us, unless we are trying to run the other way. Our area is in a terrible drought. No rain for a long time. It reminds me of the present condition of so many who profess to be followers of Jesus. Their pond is drying up and they are just trying to make it look good instead of rolling up their sleeves and removing the debris blocking the inlet.

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  10. This was a wonderful teaching Gary! I have made notes on your template and plan on implementing. Thank you for sharing! BTW, you mentioned Bemidji. I have a friend from there. Her family lives there. Not a place you hear about from others. 🙂

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  11. Thanks Stephanie. The template has worked well for me over the years, especially in mentoring others as its a short way to challenge others and provides talking points.
    Ah yes, Bemidji. The nearest actual city from us (38 miles). We live close to where the mississippi river begins. In the sticks.


  12. Dear Gary, I praise our heavenly Father for making you his own at such an early age and continuing to grow you through His Word and the power of His Spirit. I pray that the result of this past year will be His working in His people, drawing us back to His Word, bringing us to live in unity with Him and each other. The lens of His Spirit is exceedingly abundantly able to reveal the secrets of His kingdom to us and our children. You are a light and a blessing to us. Love and blessings to you as you and your family continue to serve the Lord.

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  13. Dear Francis
    You are so encouraging. I know you have seen through God’s lens in so many of life’s horizons. may the Lord Bless you greatly. Keep writing your insights Fran.


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