Left Out

Scruffy weed

5 words. Clear as could be. Have you ever had a voice speak to you in your head? Did I really hear that? I have been connecting with God in so many ways on this wilderness trip. Analogies from nature like the “knots” I just wrote about. Our wilderness trip group had just waited a couple hours for high winds to lessen so we could paddle in very dangerous winds in big water. God had been with us, I’m sure of it. I didn’t die or even capsize the canoe and nearly die (been there…). Now on a 3/4 mile (190 rod) portage, trudging over small mountains, through mud and up-down stairstep terrain, God says 5 words out of the blue as I step over a small insignificant, growing in the wrong place scruffy plant.

I care about that plant

I can think of a hundred other things I would have liked to hear from God and this?? Sigh…yes I sighed. I knew what He was saying without saying even though He said it long ago. My thoughts immediately they went to Jesus words “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.” Matthew 10:29

“I know Lord” I prayed. “You care about me. You care about our daughter racked with a painful handicap and getting worse. I know you care about my wife 24/7 taking care of her. I know. I know” The world is falling apart Lord and you care about an insignificant plant enough to point it out while I’m carrying a 70 pound pack and running low on energy after an adrenaline laden paddle…”I know Lord, I know…Sigh.

You are God and you care…I know Lord I know”…sigh


22 thoughts on “Left Out

  1. My prayers are with your daughter and your wife…and with you! God always speaks to us in the language of love. By letting you know how much that lovely little plant matters to Him, He whispers into your heart how much MORE, He must love you. That little plant growing in a place where it seems so unlikely to grow is such a sign of blessing; God makes beautiful things grow in unlikely spots. It is within our hearts that the most wonderful things grow, nurtured by God’s Holy Hand, and touched by His constant love. Romans 5:3-5: “We also boast of our troubles, because we know that trouble produces endurance, endurance brings God’s approval, and His approval creates hope. This hope does not disappoint us, For God has poured out His love into our hearts by means of the Holy Spirit, who is God’s gift to us.”

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    1. It may sound like beating one’s head against the wall because it feels good when you quit, but I guess I have not thought of portages as much more than part of the experience of going where few ever go and seeing what few ever see. For 45 years I put on a 50 pound pack and hoist the canoe over my head and go till I found the next lake or river. Now that I’m retired, I either take a pack or a canoe one at a time. Getting older Ted. The jury is out on the wiser aspects.


  2. It’s nice to hear a nature lover report they heard God say, “I am a nature lover.” The creator of the universe may be the biggest environmentalist of them all. True, we should not worship nature. Yet the Ruler all Nature stands in its spotlight. Compelling as always, Gary. You always leave room for the reader to fill in the details for themselves. I appreciate using my active imagination!

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  3. And I love that your imagination stays within biblical bounds but is truly a unique perspective with depth David.
    Yes, I do like to merely call the play and give the reader room to run with the ball, hopefully stay on but use all the field.

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  4. Hi Gary, The marvel of it all is that God does care. And because He cares, we can care, because He made us in His image. This tiny planet with all the wonders that we barely even see, a speck in the middle of an ocean of space, so vast we can’t even imagine its end. And yet God cares about that plant, and you and I. So much so that He sent us His Son, to die on that cross for our sins. Tell me that doesn’t boggle your mind. Blessings Gary and thank you, yet once again.

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  5. Thanks Stephanie. I try not to wear our daughters struggles and pain beyond our house. It’s been almost 40 years and tons of miracles in her life and in our hearts. those emotional and all the thoughts involved in the personal dynamics of pain and miracles, sometimes at the same time will have to be sorted out in eternity. I think we have upgraded our garden variety prayer life tractor to the much larger industrial kind through all of this and have quite a ways to go as we plow through life.

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  6. So true, Gary. God does not always give what we want or say that which we want to hear. But he does care, and deeply. I remind myself of this all the time, as we also have family members with heavy health issues. I feel the pain through your words, for it’s like the pain I have knowing I can’t take MS away from my 22-year old granddaughter who struggles to walk. But God does care – and that’s a great truth!

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