Overwhelmed By Detail

I have a constant running quest for details. The reason for this is my weakness for noticing the little things. I often don’t notice the small details. Who can see the trees while looking at the forest? who gets bogged down with the details while quoting John 3:16 as the overarching message of the gospel is contained in one verse? I was reading a good piece written by Mercy Oluokun (yep check her post out) this morning and mentioned to my wife that many books were written on one statement made in one of her pictures “We are blessed to be called His peopleJoint heirs with Jesus Christ” The details of that statement are not only life changing but they are eternity changing for those who have stepped from unbelief into belief in our savior Jesus Christ.

Want a closer look? Lets look at some more detail.

I want to illustrate some details with photos I took this morning in a soft rain. Some of the small details are as follows. #1) In cloudy weather the sun cannot cast a shadow and the lighting is very even. Just try taking a photo on a sunny day of someone with a hat on. The hat shadows their face so much you cannot see it without using your flash.

#2) The lighting is often extremely good on a gentle rain day, beginning of day or end of day for the camera to pick up mirror images, reflections and the colors are deep and rich. Too much light washes out color, too little light and the color doesn’t burn into an image.

#3 No wind or a small wind makes a huge difference in how long you can set the exposure on a camera. The longer exposures will pick up even a minute movement. Reflection photos need time and depth of field to work well. Using a tripod always makes for better still shots.

#4 Water droplets hang wherever they can build up slowly and can contain a reflection of the whole world around them. They are like a 180 degree fisheye lens in miniature, and you can take a picture with the right camera, lens, light, setting.

Fencing wire in the back yard with rain drops containing trees
Forest in a raindrop taken this morning
My first dew drop picture containing a Black Eyed Susan patch

If the smallest of details are so important in photography, are the smallest of details important that make up my character? How about the way I do my job? parent? handle anger, money, unplanned time or social media? how many small details have to line up for me to reflect the character of Christ so others notice that detail? These are questions I ask of myself when thinking about the little details.

If you would go on a wilderness canoe trip with me and I take you to one of my favorite walleye and bass lakes in the spring, I would get very detail oriented on your fishing equipment very fast. You will need a white twister tail 1/8 oz lead head jig on 6lb test line medium action rod and a good reel with a working drag to catch trophy fish. If you do what I say you will catch a trophy fish. You need me to guide you to where the fish are but you will catch a trophy. I told my oldest grand daughter this and here is the picture

Yea, a trophy walleye

I (at first) entitled this post Little Much and More because when all the little things are lined up and working there is much to be gained and so much more coming. I thought of this when I saw these words “We are blessed to be called His people” The blessing was overwhelming when the kids were little and they wanted to know Jesus. Overwhelming when I would talk long distance to them in college and they would assure me with detailed stories of their following Christ. Overwhelming when we said final goodbye to each of our parents. Overwhelming when I see such a detailed raindrop ready to fall to the ground knowing God has seen fit to count me as a “joint heir” with his son when he could have left me as insignificant as a raindrop.

So here I sit, looking at photos of raindrops, worshiping and thanking God. I am overwhelmed


36 thoughts on “Overwhelmed By Detail

    1. Thanks Wayne, It is fun seeing what a drop of water holds in secret. Yes, That was one of many my grandkids caught on our wilderness trip last summer. It worked well for this post.


  1. It is the small details that reveal the depth of our character. That’s the second time someone has said that today. I’d better pay attention. Am I doing the little things for Christ—the ones that make a big difference?

    My favorite pic is the raindrop with the flower in it.

    Thank you for reminding me about the importance of the details.

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  2. Beautiful Gary and what you see is a gift because not everyone gets to see that. Psalm 8:4-8 comes to mind. And to think that He knows the number of hairs on our head and when we lay down and when we rise up. I love what you see. Blessings brother.

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    1. Thanks Bruce
      The hairs on my head are not impressive these days. I’m sure glad I’m rising on the learning curve of seeing more and more. I can only credit the Lord and his daily word as well as a bunch of you people writing on all the insights shared.

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      1. That’s funny. Me neither. Susan actually means Lily of the Valley in Hebrew. But just to add a little tibit that I often don’t mention. My birth name is Wendy, after Wendy in Peter Pan, when the movie came out eau back when (1953), but my mom changed it to Susan because her mother didn’t care for Wendy. Mom did not put Susan on my birth certificate. She left it as Wendy. And that’s another story in itself. 😊

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  3. Thanks Gary. Excellent pictures and post. One doesn’t hear or read too much about a drop of water being a fisheye lens or see the evidence but it is right there after you revealed what the Lord created and previously revealed. One might say “Incredible Observation, Sir” or “Far Out, Man.” Overwhelmed in the little details toward understanding it is ALL details though most are unknown and have been. So we search and open our eyes and talk to the Lord and see and hear. There are never too many details in the heavenly, spiritual, and purely natural world and patiently await discovery. Thanks to highly advanced instruments we can see so much more than before and all these new discoveries keep proving the presence of a Loving Creator with infinite abilities and imagination.

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    1. Thanks RJ. I am constantly in awe when I intentionally look to see. When I walked out the door this morning in a light rain, barely getting light, I saw the raindrops glistening brightly, so I inspected them closely and ran for the camera. It’s a good thing Moses didn’t have a camera or the burning bush story might have been different. Ya, I understand “Far Out Man”

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    2. And think of what it will be like when we no longer have to “look through a glass, darkly!” Hoping Jesus gives folks like Gary even better cameras for the New Kingdom. 😄

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  4. Wow. Abba’s love is indeed overwhelming. And you sharing further on these words makes it hit me more. God is in everything we see and yeah, if only we would look closely, we will continue to see His reflection and grace in lives and all that He has made. Thank you so much for sharing about this. Lovely pictures too, sir. Greetings to your grand daughter. 😊

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    1. Thanks Linda. Yes, Whenever I see something like a whole patch of flowers in a drop of water It reminds me how intricate Gods details are and that his goodness is just as intricate and detailed. It makes me wonder how detailed my thankfulness could be…and so on…

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    1. Thanks Jim. What you are seeing is my attempt to keep all my attention deficient periphery in one boat. But then, All creation declares the majesty of Christ and a whole lot of other declarations.

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  5. ?? I have heard it said both ways: “God is in the details.” or “The devil is in the details.”
    I suspect either can be true in any given situation, but never at the same time.
    God is certainly in your details. Blessings on you, fellow-pilgrim. c.a.

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