Looking through the bars of life his whisper came “I KNOW” All the things I’ve covered up and yet I hear “I KNOW” I’ve bested life, I’m gaming strife, burned memories of “I KNOW” Perhaps the times, could be my rhymes, I really think I know.

Again I heard, unsettled word, A dream I knew “I KNOW” I still have pawns, I move my king, position beats “I KNOW” I’m still ahead, remorse is dead, fend off the great “I KNOW” I heard it said I’ll join the grave, once dead that’s all, I know

It ambushed me, warm child’s voice that called aloud “I KNOW” Filled with rage, a stumbled sage, dethroned yet heard “I KNOW” Mocked my life in cancers sneer, I understood “I KNOW” Beneath the cross in rubbles gown, submit to this “I KNOW”


Remembering my uncle who built an empire all his life. He had it all. Played professional sports, became a lawyer for a fortune 500 company, hobnobbed with the elite in Washington DC and retired wealthy. Cancer and bitterness set in and no one could point him past his anger toward God. No one until a little niece, whom he loved, had an older brother dial the phone (yes, very young) and call him. She simply said ” I just wanted to ask you one question. Have you accepted Jesus into your heart? Jesus loves you!”

Uncle went into a rage demanding who would make a child play a dirty trick on him like that! His niece then convinced her parents to drive 24+ hours to see him before he died. She convinced uncle that no one had put her up to it and he needed to know Jesus loved him very much. Uncle was led by a small child to a last minute relationship with Jesus before he died.

“I KNOW” haunted me when I was young. I did something wrong “I KNOW” I hid my wrongs “I KNOW” I pushed that voice beyond memory only to surface in dreams I KNOW” I confessed my sins “I KNOW” When I was afraid and I clung to my savior in hard times. He answered “I KNOW”

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” I Corinthians 13:12

Do you know Jesus? He loves you very much.


17 thoughts on “I KNOW

  1. You had me at “stumbled sage.”

    God used a little girl to lead your uncle to the cross. Somewhere in the Bible it says, “And a little child shall lead them.” I forget where.

    It’s amazing how much one can know, yet not truly KNOW without reconciliation with God.

    Great lesson, Gary.

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  2. Thank you Gary for sharing this story. By the time I read the line, “Uncle was led by a small child to a last minute relationship with Jesus before he died” I found tears filling my eyes. This brings such encouragement to my heart for my unsaved husband. His ears, hardened by indifference, usually block out my words but I see a softening in his eyes when our daughters say, “Dad, Jesus loves you.” There was a season when the girls were younger and “played” Sunday school and would invite him to attend. To his credit he always said yes, took a seat among their stuffed animals, and listened attentively. Seeds planted.

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    1. I wrote the story unintended Beth But in my devotions I was so struck by the greatness of God and his delighting in using the least and the smallest of us to crack wide open the hardest of hearts…Uncle was an 11:59 th hour case. I think he had refused every avenue attempt of the gospel. God used a very young little girl to tackle an ex NFL lineman. Keep praying Beth and I will whenever I have those uncle memories.

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