Garden Hose Readiness

Our trails turned white. It snows on the good and the bad! winter doesn’t care!

It’s still autumn. How dare winter pay a visit so early. It’s a bit like the bank assessing your property a few weeks early before they auction off your farm. It’s 25 degrees Fahrenheit today for a high and the garden hose hooked to the house is now ice (and a hundred other things now under snow). I’m not ready. Foul, I cry. “Ha”, says winter “I’m gonna win”, and it will. Maybe fall will make a comeback but winter will win, then spring, then summer, then autumn will get a turn again, then winter will wreck another garden hose.

Dare you to shake the tree!
Whoops, missed picking some apples.
The ground is still warm enough to melt roadways but the forecast isn’t friendly
I hear the raspberry’s cry “it’s still Autumn…Bad winter. Bad!”

I can almost hear Jesus saying “ready or not, here I come” Then it will be the season of the Lord’s final victory. It makes me wonder how many of life’s garden hoses (trivial and the urgent overshadowing the important) are still keeping me too busy. How many apples (neighbors) are neglected and lonely? How warm is my heart under this rough exterior to melt the cold storms of life?

I know, I know. I’m all over the place on symbolism and illustration but so was (is) the snow!! Sadly, I have a lot of putting away of our things to prepare for the oncoming snows and really cold weather. I know of two neighbors that are not able to put up firewood for the winter. I should be in shape here so I can be fruitful there. That is the real lesson I should be learning here. The need is real and very large out there and God’s issue with my un-readiness is way beyond the scope of a garden hose


20 thoughts on “Garden Hose Readiness

  1. It amazing, Gary, but the same thought came to me today: perhaps I am preoccupied with the wrong things. Back in Noah’s day, life was one big party—people were marrying, building homes and starting families—until God shut the door to the ark and the sky opened up with rain. What if a global pandemic and political/racial unrest aren’t the only things that should dominate our thoughts?

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  2. Wonderful thoughts and images, Gary! At work over the years I have worked on several large projects that were abruptly cancelled, and in each instance it was always the same – suddenly all the stuff I had been so wrapped up in didn’t matter any more, it was over, cancelled! Then I think about our Lord’s return – suddenly the “rest of the age” (as we naively imagined it) will be cancelled! And as you so aptly questioned, will I have been wrapped up in the right stuff, or just tangled up in garden hoses?

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  3. In heaven Craig we might get asked “What were you doing when you were called home?”
    A guy in our small group this summer, my age was mowing the lawn. I’m quite sure he said to the Lord ( knowing workaholic Randy) “You didn’t even let me finish the lawn”!

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  4. I have to admit I’m a worrier by nature and I would probably be the one telling the Savor I forgot to put the garden hose away!
    Great early winter (late Autumn) photo’s and application, Gary.

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  5. So much wisdom here amidst that fallen snow. Life is full of those water hoses, and we must be careful not to let them trip us up. We worry endlessly about so many little things…you are right, we must focus on the work Jesus would have us do first. First things first, as you did with your grandchildren. They will remember that hot chocolate and the time spent with their grandfather. Funny, all that fresh white snow illuminating the love and light within the heart of a family…within God’s community.

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  6. What amazes and tickles me at the same time Linda is how I might post a simple thought and the community picks it up and adds so much more insight.
    Sharing family life and insights (even from the weather) can be a blessing.
    I told my grand kids at the supper table that my strategy for making them think I was a really good cook was to get them really hungry first, that way everything could be the best thing they ever tasted.

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  7. I love your strategy with the grandkids. I don’t know where you are but in Savannah, GA it is 81 degrees today. Snow? I can’t even imagine it but the pictures are wonderful. You are so right life can change everything over night.

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    1. Thanks Suzanne, We are in Northern Minnesota. Often the cold spot of the nation so it’s a high priority to dress warm to stay warm. The grandkids really enjoy snow. Our highs were in the 50’s but now we need to put coats over last weeks flannel shirts.

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  8. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos and message. Speaking of music, I bet you could write a symphony while watching the multi-sized snow flakes coming down with the shifting wind bursts…It’s inspiring

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  9. Yes, Anna, He sure could. It seems there are a lot of signs in the landscape and the political clouds pointing that way. a couple weeks back there were over 500 earthquakes of various types (from little to big) all across the globe (I need to research this more as it’s 2nd hand info from California), in a 24 hour period. Records were set everywhere but it didn’t make much news.

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