The Many Faces of Spring

Spring came, and went, came again, April fooled the birds with rain, snow, melting, and now it’s winter again. All four seasons in a few days. Click on the slide show to see The Faces of spring in our own back yard.

   The Faces of Life 

Change, the constant of life. Sudden change, the story of our lives. The birds seem to roll with change. Flocks of robins were on the green grass this morning but now the snow is beak high if they stand on each others backs. Now they are eating last years sumac berries out of the trees. They are singing in the blowing snow storm.

It’s fitting in our times that spring was interrupted by a massive storm. So much of our lives have been interrupted by the Covid storm. We can sing in our house.

One thing not interrupted or changed was Easter (I mean what Easter really is). Jesus Christ didn’t stay dead. He is alive. His resurrection power lives in those who trust and follow Him every day.  I find myself a little stunned at changes but not afraid.Woodpecker stranded eml

Today this little woodpecker hit one of our windows while I was taking pictures out the window. He would have died in this prickly bush. Totally captured. His worst nightmare, a human, grabbed him, held him and thought of how much more Christ did for me as I set him free to recover (he did after a couple hours)Woodpecker resting eml

I hope you know how to rest in Christ and are willing , ready and able to help rescue those caught in the turmoil of our times. Hey we are alive, because He lives.  A lot can happen in three days!!! ironically springs melting face will come in about three days again….Don’t be as fickle as spring with Jesus…OK?


Did you notice how many ways the wind blows in the one sunset picture?  ya, don’t be like that!


24 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Spring

  1. I’m so happy you were there to rescue the woodpecker. 😍 I think the constant changes in weather are a great representation of the uncertainty of every day life. Love the way you captured it all!

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    1. Me too. I actually thought that little guy broke a window he hit it so hard.
      Stephanie..You realize you have a gift of seeing the analogies in life, right?
      Yes, life here is totally uncertain. Someday it will be very certain.


  2. So true Gary. That Christ is risen is one of God’s constants here we can always depend on. And I agree with brother Craig on your little woodpecker’s story! Great photography as always!

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    1. Thanks G.W.
      Half of the day was calm while the other half was blizzard and high winds. A lot like life’s happenings. I stared out the window thinking about this truth “When we walk with this same risen Christ, his power changes how we experience the storms of life. Peace instead of panic, fortitude instead of fear and on and on…Amazing Huh?

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      1. It is. Truly Amazing, as we continue to recognize with all praise, how in all He demonstrates toward us in our changes and crises that He is for us, and not against us, as He protects and guides us through this maze of conflicts clinging to Him while He escorts us home in better shape than when we first begun the journey, in all the important areas of our souls.

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  3. I love this post and your exceptional pictures. It seems that Spring did the same thing on a number of us…what is the universe / God up to? Blessings, always enjoy your thought provoking posts and you pictures are indeed spectacular. Be safe.


  4. Thank You Pene. I am glad you connect with my posts. I heard someone say the other day…”God is on the move doing great things” I know it’s true. I also know that sometimes to do great things it involves tearing down bad and even good things to make way for the best in our lives….Take care in these times to keep close to God!


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