So Much….Continued

Several people asked me for the music to the lyrics of the last blog (“Story of the song So Much”)so I have posted a YouTube video link here and the words under. Don’t let the strange looking old guy fool you…I’m playing the keys


  • I remember a time, when I was so close to you

We’d sit and talk for hours upon end

And I remember thinking how you must love me

SO Much

  • I remember all the things we did together

I never went anywhere without you

And I remember thinking how I loved you

So Much

  • I remember when my friends got tired of listening to me

Cause all I ever talked about was you.

And I remember telling you, I love you

So Much

Chorus) But here I am, I’ve drifted away

I’m so sorry I must say, I’ve been living without you.

Here I am, I left long ago, and I’m out on my own

Yet I know that you love me,

So Much

  • Just the other day, I heard a little knock on my door

I said, go away I want to be alone.

I thought I heard a little voice whisper “I Love You

SO Much

Bridge: I listen to the echos in the chambers of my heart

Oh the emptiness that lives in my soul

I see the hollow eyes watching me from the mirror

These eyes need love again…they need you again

Repeat Chorus

End: Oh- I know that you love me

Yes I know that you love me

So Much

Words and music by Gary Fultz

19 thoughts on “So Much….Continued

  1. Thanks for your thoughts Linda. It has struck me many times that only a limited number of songs really reach into our very soul. Most just tickle something in our head I think. God know what we need to hear…may we have ears to hear

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    1. Well Ed, I am so glad you liked it. That does my heart good.
      I have been putting off doing things like that with some fear no one would really connect with the music or the words in the scary (for me) world of social media.

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      1. Well, the song itself is good, and your voice is good, and your keyboard skills are good, and the video itself was great, too! I mean, it is not a professionally produced music video, but it gets the job done, and it is much (MUCH) better than many home-made videos I have seen.

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  2. That means a lot coming from you. I hope to someday do something a little more professional on some of my originals by tapping my son in law who teaches that stuff (and does movie production work) and has “real” equipment at the college where he teaches. I’m kind of at the zero dollar budget stage.


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