Wander into Winter Wonder

TR Driveway eml

The snow quit. Winds died. Morning came after freezing fog. All was frosted. Highlights rolled in with the coming sun. Skating to work on the roads might be the best option in freezing temperatures. Look at this mornings artwork from God’s perspective. life’s deadliest winter storms will end. Only God can make beauty of it.

snow on limbs eml

The cold snows of life, a prelude to beauty


snow stuck on trees eml

Our vision is limited. All we can see is snow

Frosty sunrise eml

The sun is coming, the son is coming

Frosty Tree back lit cp eml

We may be frozen solid but God begins to warm our hearts

Sun rise through the woods eml

Only God can warm our cold hearts and make beauty of life’s winters.

I love the Lord, for he heard my voice;
    he heard my cry for mercy.
 Because he turned his ear to me,
    I will call on him as long as I live. (Psalm 116:1-2)


Pictures taken this Monday morning after the storm  


30 thoughts on “Wander into Winter Wonder

  1. It’s a different lifestyle David. Clothing, cars and learning to drive on ice. I took the pictures at my sons house 300 miles away. We finally made it home to 18″ of new snow, but traveled through an area that was hit with 30″. Winter is a challenge for sure.

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  2. Our wet and cold years are coming back here. Seems like a cycle. My grandfather and my dad often talked about that from their childhood years. 4 years ago we had almost 130″ of snow for the season. 50-70″ is more an average. Every year a guessing game but more prepared with modern equipment.

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    1. Wet has been our problem over the last few weeks – the high pressure and the cold have been a welcome relief after the floods. I know the snowy landscapes are beautiful but winter is always a worry because of the travelling I do.

      Spending two days stranded just 13 miles from home in March 2018 after travelling all the way from Switzerland was a first and one I do not want to repeat. But God provided and stopped me in a little town with a small and very welcoming hotel where the rate for bed and a full English breakfast was just £45 per night. Had I managed to get through that town the road was blocked in three places by drifts and I would have been sleeping in the car!

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  3. Such beautiful photographs! Loved this post…God’s handiwork is sheer perfection! Best not to skate on the roads though…as lovely as they look! 🙂 The trick is staying safe in these storms. Not an easy task if you have to be out there driving.

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  4. She has spina bifida, 35 surgeries has left her bed ridden or in wheelchair. This time her sodium plummeted and made her unresponsive overnight. She is 38 and we care for her (mostly my wife). The ER doctor has never seen a sodium level under 110 before and survive. Like you Bill, lots of people praying seem to keep her around. She came to and said hi to my wife awhile after the breathing tube came out. Today was an unbelievable day. One word uprighted our world.

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