Pushy Discipleship

Dad was known, on occasion, to say or do some unconventional things through out his life. I, being one of his 7 children, sometimes find myself flopping at doing similar things, but doing them anyway.

After dad’s memorial service…

Here is a copy of my note to James, a fellow basketball player on friday nights in the old clubhouse for many years (yes I changed the name)…

James, I kind of pulled a fast one on you. I put gobs of thank you cards in the church mail boxs. I saw you did not have a mail box so I took dads mail box ID paper out of his box, turned it over and wrote your name on it and put it into a box where your name should be. So…you are now taking dads place at church and you have a mail box. I told Pastor what I did as well. Anyway, all you have to do to take dads place is sit each morning with a cup of coffee at home with an open bible for a few words from God, and communicate with God about whatever is on your mind. The Holy Spirit will do the rest…No pressure. You meant a lot to dad so consider this dads last basketball move. now you have the ball.����

Maybe this is not taught in discipleship class but just maybe the spiritual war zone for lives has too many sheathed swords on the Lords side. I’m all for being a little pushy sometimes if that’s what it takes.


PS: check out a compliment article https://garyfultz.com/2019/07/20/filling-dads-shoes/


7 thoughts on “Pushy Discipleship

  1. I like this, Gary, my friend! Whatever it takes. Sometimes it’s a good thing to depart from the “How to” manual and improvise for the circumstances. Necessity is the father of invention. I’m known for such things too. And the Lord smiles when we use the inventive mind He gave us for His purposes.

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  2. thanks G.W. I am sure you have plenty of stories with that inventive mind of yours.
    I take after my dad in the way that he was always in a discipleship-mentorship mode with people around him. Almost as if, upon the new creation, a fishers of men gear is added for life to drive in. He used that gear a lot whether teaching, preaching, fishing or playing basketball. That gear works best powered by the Holy Spirit (coffe and nature vie for a far distant 2nd).

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  3. Thanks Linda, Ya, our family thrives on making and telling stories, especially out of the box ones (no pun intended, maybe a little). However It’s always an honor to be a part of God’s story in others lives…Holy Spirit driven.

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