Nature: Gods Living Room

BWCA camping eml

I grew up hunting and fishing the wilderness places where a very small percentage of people venture. Nature in the raw is truely ruggedly beautiful. One can sit on a rock and drink in the exquisite interlocking co-existing life forms  Let me snicker a bit here because I would wager there are a million mosquitoes in this picture waiting for some poor soul to try their hand at communing with the almighty. I know about that as well.House rock eml

Nature truely could be called the living room of God but one will not experience the almighty by simply going there. I sense many think so because God’s handiwork is so awesome and overwhelming that how could we not experience God by experiencing  nature?

I must admit, there are a lot of clues in the wild. One can experience peace in the gurgling brook and the morning sunrise. One’s smallness is real also in the mysterious aura felt around the evening fire as the wolves moan, the frogs croak and a large animal walks in the water. Look at the zillion stars out there from ones tent site; that’s a big clue.

Another Clue: Natures sense of peace is between the storms. God’s peace is in the midst of the storm. 

forest fire damage eml
This forest fire died here. It was a big one.

Visit the wilderness enough and one will experience all that happens in nature. A beautiful sunrise in the east may lure you into the middle of a big lake while the western skies may prepare the storm of the century (I was there). That’s a link worth clicking on. I have a hundred stories where “mother” nature does not care about us. But, God cares.

 Nature is not tame and from all indications neither is God. Evening in the BWCA email

If you want to meet God in nature, just ask. Not to dissappoint anyone but God will meet us anywhere. He is God and calls the shots. Consider what He has promised in scripture.

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

“And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13

There’s so much more if you care to look it up!

I love getting into nature. I still see it as God’s living room (my thing I guess) and I meet him there but only because I have a relationship with my creator. It’s my most important relationship. We talk and I listen as well. There is much to hear and I pray to see and hear and understand. Peace comes from God and not nature, but what a great back drop for allowing God to work on this scruffy specimen of a follower of Jesus. What a great place to fellowship and dine, in God’s living room.

BWCA by the fire eml


14 thoughts on “Nature: Gods Living Room

  1. “Nature is not tame and from all indications, neither is God.” This quote I would very much like to keep in my notebook! Very pithy and so true, my friend.

    But God and nature both have a rhythm that can be learned, and learned from, I think. And when engaging both it is well to learn what those rhythms mean to have a better experience. Beautiful posting, Gary, my friend.

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  2. Thanks G.W.
    I love the ryythms of nature. One develops almost a 6th sense of awareness to dangers as wel as the pleasures about to be experienced. This reminds me of John 3:8 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”
    Great observation G.W. That’s a blog ytou can do??

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  3. Great post! I enjoyed reading this. Nature is God’s Living room and He is comfortable there as He is in every room of the house. When Jesus lives in our heart he travels with us wherever we go. Nature is more beautiful when we know who created it and who abides there with us.

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    1. Thanks, and thank you for adding your insight Linda. many of my wilderness trips (just completed leading trip #64) have both believers and non-believers. God’s presence in us rather than just around us (in nature) has been one of my favorite (evening camp fire) discussions. The fun stories are those who came to get closer to God through nature and went home having Jesus in their life, with them wherever they go.

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      1. What a beautiful thing…that people came to know Jesus while with you in the wilderness. It is then, a ministry of sorts, although that is perhaps not what you set out to do. God is there with you and so the Holy Spirit is ever moving. Camp fire discussions are a good way to get people talking. Sometimes, people discover that they have been searching for answers for a long time and then in the midst of a ‘wilderness’ they find their way.

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  4. So true Linda. The environment is way out of the ordinary with no “at home or work distractions” One can look at life from afar in a sense and probably think a little clearer. It helps that relationships are built and people rely on each other. It makes sense to have a relationship with the creator out there. I just bring it up and see where it leads. The Holy Spirit has a lot to work with!

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  5. It is a wonderful thing! People can get so busy, they lose sight of what is really the most important in life…their relationship with God first, and secondly, with others. In the wide open spaces like the wilderness, we tend to slow down a bit and really take a good look at the world…and ourselves. The universe is full of beautiful and amazing things, but we must take time to notice.

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  6. God IS one amazing Exterior Designer (as opposed to interior designer)! I too love to get outdoors (though camping is NOT my thing!), and revel in his artistry, clever engineering, and attention to detail. His living room is indeed full of wonders that readily turn our hearts to praise, gratitude, and worship.

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