veggies-eml.jpgI know you are gone, along with so many others. Bye for now our parting words. I understand I’ll see you at the gate when time is over. Meanwhile, the moms who are here…We are celebrating life and doing something special today for all moms out there. I am also doing something special for the women of my life…Here is to you dear. Our kids even turned out exceptionally well. kabobs em

Just a little something I cooked up if that’s ok. Thank you Lord for the women you put into my life. Help her (my wife) recover from losing her mom this spring. We miss her..Amen



4 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Anna, for me, Missing mom hurts a lot but parts of it are also a good hurt. Good, filled with love and something out of the freezer we grew from her garden. Mothers Day and Memorial day and Christmas seem to be special markers to take a bit of time for memories. Being they were good cooks we have to celebrate in style with food and family. Memories are such treasures.

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