Being Intentional

Born with Spina-Bifida. 37 years, 35 surgeries and thousands of stares and comments. Life and significance can feel like a lone tiny battered island. 

In my quiet time with God I recently (intentionally) asked the Lord for wisdom and a way to show our handicapped daughter how much God loves her and how much her first father loves her. Later in the day I came across this very special blog by a very special lady. please visit and read.

Go back, click on the link first before continuing please!!  

I was able to show our daughter the picture from Shirley’s blog of what some consider to be trash (slag) but mixed with glass in liquid form creates immense beauty. We had some small talk about how it was made and how beautiful it was. I also read the short blog to her. I then said to my daughter “This is you dear daughter. You have often seen yourself as slag, trash, and people have said and done mean things to you; but God has created an immensely beautiful person in you no matter what has happened to your body. 

Realization of this truth was like slowly filling a clear glass picture of water but not shutting the tap off. First there were tears, then sobs and a heaving chest full of sobs came as her picture overflowed. A new radiance of spirit that most of us will never experience quietly came as the tap slowed and stopped. Dad & Tania CP eml

Before showing and reading to my daughter as she rested in bed, I intentionally thanked God for his answer to prayer and intentionally asked for wisdom in presenting this spectacular picture of slag mixed with glass on Shirley’s blog. I see her this way. I know and see the beauty that others may miss. See picture here

slag glass cross section
the beautiful colors of slag glass are endless

I wonder how many people I walk by every day who do not know that God can take the slag of their life, melt it down and mix with His ineffable power.  Only God can do such grandiose kind of work words cannot express in each of us. Thanks G.W for that great read.  https://collinsgw.combecoming/2019/03/06/ineffable-power/

My daughter and I talked about the word “ineffable” in her life. Joyous tears again.

The kind of intentionality it takes to turn the trash slag into beautiful glass slag in people’s lives is huge, costly and time consuming on our part. Ask my daughter, it’s worth it. Ask God, it’s worth it. Ask Me and I will tell you that watching someone slowly realize the ineffable power of God masked by a broken body has more grandeur than any wonder the world could contain. 

Please comment, thanks for reading.


The two links posted are pure gold. Thanks Shirley and G.W for your intentionality in making them so worthwhile.

21 thoughts on “Being Intentional

    1. You are so welcome G.W. I told my assembly team at work “The key word today is ineffable”. The next day I filled them in (I knew they would ask what it ment) on the depths of a word like that describing what God does in a relationship with Him. A fun way to share at work…make them ask.

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  1. Hi guys I cried from this post because I know you and have been able to be in your home for awhile and in your life forever . Missing Tania and all of you.. Hope to see you soon

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  2. We were told our first child would probably have spina bifida and one medical person suggested abortion. We refused and it turned out that he did not have spina bifida. Last week, at the age of 38 after all but four years of his working life in Christian service, he was ordained as a Baptist Minister.

    Blessed by your post, Gary

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  3. Wow, So glad you refused. There are so many stories of this happening. I’m quite sure much of this overlaps with the spiritual war realm. We have been consulted by quite a few doctors that we should have gone the abortion route (especially when my wife was pregnant with the next child who now leads teams in the computer industry) and later when life threatening things happen certain doctors will go out of their way to do “no treatment”. Where we live in a small town we have a doctor who deliberately did nothing but a young nurse took it upon herself to call in the team member who would save her (last life threatening bout). It’s all out war on the handicapped and elderly here (after taking all the money first). Do I sound Jaded?

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    1. We had a two-week wait for results over Easter 1980. If they had believed our dates (he was a very large baby) instead of thinking they knew better I don’t think there would have been an issue. The next time my wife refused to have any tests. We also live in a small town in one of the most rural English counties, but our health service is struggling these days. It is still more or less free (apart from dentistry and optometry for over 18s) and hasn’t really let us down to date despite the “you’ll probably have to have an abortion comment.” Not sure I have so much faith in the system now.

      All out war on the handicapped and the elderly .. didn’t that happen in Germany back in the 1930s and 1940s?

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  4. Beautifully well written. As a quadriplegic, I get all kinds of looks and comments. At first I felt ashamed, but now I am proud to share how God has made me and my life a beautiful thing. Thanks, Gary.

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  5. Thank You Terrri., I’m obviously coming from a father’s perspective. Pain often creates its own kind of beauty. Sometimes through horrendous unending struggles. I marvel at your journey as well. Keep shining Terri and thanks for your encouragement.

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  6. Your love for your daughter is very moving. I agree that our society judges too many lives on the basis of superficial, materialistic standards. God, of course, see the real beauty present there. There is a blog I read regularly called Unshakable Hope I think you might enjoy it. Bill Sweeney has had ALS for many years, but retains a profound faith. Wishing you well, A. ❤

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