A Reason To Journal.

I re-read this often. You will get the gist. 100 years from now this may matter to someone.


When I sit to write in my own journal, I often think of you because you first introduced me to journaling. You let me read one of your entries once and I loved the little bits of personality and the depth it allowed me to see in you. I loved the wisdom it so clearly showed all laid out there in your own hand. It showed me that journaling was a valuable and even cool thing to do. It has since been invaluable to me. A means to get my thoughts all out where I can see them and sort through what makes sense and what doesn’t. Sometimes just having to put enough thought into it to form the words was the valuable part. I love that I now have pages to look back at and see the path my own learning has taken so far in life. It leaves a bit of legacy to perhaps share pieces with my own daughters someday down the road.

So, thank you and keep those pages coming, hope this will come in handy.

Love …(and signed by my oldest daughter)

Just a small glimpse of some of my past

Journal entry 1eml

In no particular orderJournal entry 2eml

Journal entry 3eml

Journal entry 4eml

Fair warning, discipline is required but the pay off is immeasurable. Please share your good thoughts.


PS: for some tips on approaching journaling, Mitch Teemley has some good suggestions. Check it out.  https://mitchteemley.com/2018/10/15/journaling-for-life-2/                                Also, Read Davids comment below…Again, journaling is worth the discipline for the long haul!


6 thoughts on “A Reason To Journal.

  1. I have been journalling for 20 years now Gary – currently coming to the end of book 43 – I use A6 size notebooks that will fit in a jacket pocket. Incredible looking back and seeing how God has worked in and spoken into my life. I value those little books greatly.

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    1. 20 years worth…Now that’s discipline worth having David. The smaller notebook is a great idea as well. 43 books is a lot of thought and memory in writing. I am quite sure you can see your own progressions of thought, depth of insight and writing skills woven into your journey through the years.

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      1. Gary it all started when I was co-leading a youth group. We handed out notebooks to the young people so that they could record what we/they had been praying for/about and then in future weeks highlight all answered prayers. We thought that as leaders we should participate and that first notebook soon became a journal of my quiet times as well.

        I have looked back and found that I started in August 2000 so it is not quite 20 years. I have been reading through book one again this morning. My last entry in book one reads: “Sitting on a plane again at Brussels, waiting to leave for Strasbourg. Missed church this morning. Have just read through this book and been greatly blessed by the contents. Now I need another book!

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  2. A great way to start David. I started in 1993 from a challenge by a friend in a small group. We kept each other accountable for a few years. I started and stopped a few times when life was rough…I should have written through the rough times.

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